5 Steps to Avoid Extended Homeschooling Hours

Does homeschooling allow you to finish school time earlier? When somebody asks me how long do children learn in a day, I am confused about the answer. Well, homeschooling is very flexible in learning. Kids learn all day long in various different ways, from morning till they go to sleep. It also depends on the […]

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Hands-on Project Passport Ancient Greece Unit study will give wonderful learning experience in the world history with several alive learning skills covered.

Hands-on Ancient Greece Unit Study

Ancient Greece is a great topic to learn in the World history. Hands-on Project Passport: Ancient Greece Unit study will give wonderful learning experience with several alive learning skills covered. World history is our favorite subject in our homeschooling. For us, story telling always works well for us. Yet, many children have more demand on hands-on materials. In […]

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1 Every family has different standard in homeschooling their children, but there are some things to have. Here are 7 Essential Things Homeschooling Moms need

7 Essential Things for A Homeschooling Mom

What do you need to start a homeschooling? That is a question I often heard from many parents. Well, every family has different standard in homeschooling their children as each family with its children are unique. However, I find some great things that are very helpful for me to run our homeschooling. You might have […]

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There are several times that sibling quarreling is unavoidable. As a parent, how do you stop sibling quarreling? Here are some tricks

4 Ways to Stop Sibling Quarreling 

Do your children quarrel? You are very lucky when you find your children never quarrel. Maintaining a good relationship with siblings is very crucial for both parents and children. However, during the journey to achieve the goal, we often experience that give some troubles for us. Siblings quarreling might sometimes be unavoidable. It needs some efforts […]

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To maintain sibling relationship are not only for children, but it is also for adults as well. How do you help children maintain sibling relationship?

10 Ways to Maintain Sibling Relationship

Either good or bad experiences you have with siblings, to maintain sibling relationship are not only for children, but it is also for adults as well. How do you maintain sibling relationship? There should not be theories on how to maintain sibling relationship, but there are some tips based on the life experience I have […]

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1 What kind of parents that possible and impossible to homeschool their children? Before you become homeschooling parents, think about your possibility.

5 Possible vs. 5 Impossible Homeschooling Parents

The number of homeschooling family in Indonesia increases a lot lately. When I was in grade 6, 25 years ago, we never heard that term at all. When I started homeschooling just 4 years ago, we rarely heard any of homeschooling family in Indonesia, but we could browse some of this cases in the internet. […]

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3 All homeschooling mom will feel desperate when they cannot teach children. Here are 10 ways out when I cannot teach children.

10 Ways Out When I Cannot Teach My Children

Homeschooling is a decision made by parents to educate their children at home in many different ways. Although there are many cynical opinions about the teaching certificates which doubt the education quality, mothers are usually the teacher in a homeschooling family, especially if the children are still young. In this case, the role of a […]

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