FREE Christopher Columbus Units and Resources

FREE Christopher Columbus Units and Resources

There are many different opinions about the fact that Christopher Columbus discovered the America continents. Columbus was a great natural born sailor that had a dream to find the Asia continent. It was weird that Columbus himself didn't aware that he had made a discovery of different continent. However, it is agreed or not, Columbus is the first main starter of many countries in America continents.

Here are some FREE Resources about Christopher Columbus for kindergarten to elementary grades I captured from the pinterest that you might access:

Stories of Christopher Columbus

Muffin Stories – Christopher Columbus | Children's Tales, Stories and Fables

Short Reading Comprehension Text

Columbus Day Printable Maze, need to sign up for FREE

Organize my homeschool

Color by Number Columbus, need to sign up for FREE

A Coloring Page of Christopher Columbus

Columbus Day Voyage need to sign up for FREE

Christopher Columbus Lapbook and Notebook Study

Free Christopher Columbus Mini Pack

Columbus Day Printables

Columbus Day Worksheets for Kids

Columbus Day Copywork and Worksheets

Columbus Print

Royal Baloo Christopher Columbus Unit for K-2nd

We are not Americans, but we would like to give our salute to Columbus by giving away some printable freebies:

Happy Columbus Day Coloring Pages Book 1

It has 10 pages with simple single pictures for early childhood levels, Kindergarten and playgroups. There is a vocabulary underneath the picture for them to trace. You might display the colored paper with the traced words on the wall or the bulletin board. At the end of the bundle, there is a picture and word match worksheet. Please click the picture bellow to download:


Columbus Pages Book 1

Happy Columbus Day Coloring Pages Book 2

This book has a picture seri telling a very simple plot of the story of Christopher Columbus in a rough sequence. For those who love coloring, you might use the pictures to apply your skills in gradation coloring. My sons love it a lot. They Here is an example of how my son colored one of the pages using the gradation technic:

Jim's Columbus

It is not an edited picture at all. There are some messy things in the color, but this is the first time he try very hard to finish one whole picture with some cooperation with Tom, his elder brother. Please click the picture bellow to download


Columbus Coloring Pages 2


From the coloring pages  book 2, I copied 10 picture series to have some lined space for kids writing the story verbally. There are also some blank templates with focus on Christopher Columbus images for other purpose of notebooking. Please click the picture bellow to download

Columbus Notebooking Pages

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Subscriber Freebies

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FREE Christopher Columbus Units and Resources

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