Free Printables: New Year Reflection

FREE printables - 10 New Year reflections to work with your children in thinking about the old year and starting new things in New Years.

We are still around the New Year atmosphere and I am very sure some of you would consider teaching old year reflection and new year resolution. It also just comes to my mind to have a deep though reflection with kids. I know it is not easy to get young age kids thinking deeper. They might now have some patience to write. You need to help them writing if possible or you might write for them. For older children, you can sit beside them and get them quiet time so that they can think clearer. Don't forget to pray so that they can do the activity well and get more mature with the resolution.

Getting the children thinking about starting something new after thinking backward will help them learning how to get focus and purposeful in the daily action. Here are 10 things to think around New Year to help your reflection with children.

10 New Year Reflections

  1. Things to be thankful from last year
    Children are asked to throw back on things happened last year. We can give some comment on how and why they should be thankful for every single things happened last year. Children mention 10 things to be thankful.
  2. The Most Exciting Experience from Last Year
    The answer of this question might be overlap with the first question. That would be fine. Try to dig deeper on the exciting experiences. You might direct them to think about their success last year.
  3. The Worst Experience from Last Year
    There might be some hard time for your family and for your children that they need to recall again around the New Years. I still believe that there should be some lessons learnt from the worst experiences.
  4. The Success Lessons
    Success doesn't just happen in a sudden. There are usually some steps and ways to follow. They might be unplanned and planned. Looking back at the success, children should be able to learn some things to get other success.
  5. The Failure Lessons
    It is the same like the success. Failure also doesn't just happen. Although nobody plans to fail, we can learn what makes failure happens so that the same things doesn't happen anymore or at least we can minimize it happens.
  6. The Way We Can Improve
    The previous steps lead us to deeper thinking of self improvement so we can be better. We try to lead to the strategy that rises from the success and failure lessons.
  7. The Chance and Challenges for The New Year
    There might be some chance for children to develop themselves like a some competition, performance, or exams. They can be also challenges for children. Get them to make a list together with you so that they can be well prepared.
  8. The Things We Can Do for Others
    People don't live for themselves, but they need others as we are social creatures. Resolution is not only for yourself, but having some discussion with children about caring to others.
  9. The Goals and The Due Dates
    This step is a kind of conclusion from the previous steps. Considering all previous points, children are led to decide their targets in the New Year.Some explanation about SMART goal setting..
  10. The Steps to The Goals
    For each goal, we help children to think about the steps to make on each month so that children can achieve them. At this point, we try to share with children that the process of doing something is very important. The failure or the success doesn't just happen, but it happens because of the process.

Here are some pages you can use with your children to do some New Year Reflection and Resolution. Pictures are taken from Being Inspired and Scrappin Doodles, license  148056.

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