How to Homeschool When Your Child Hates Writing

For the parents trying to homeschool child hates writing, it can be a real struggle. Here are some tips to deal with the problem.

For some kids writing is difficult and not something they want to do. For the parents trying to homeschool child hates writing, it can be a real struggle. It happens in our family as well. kids prefer playing than reading or writing. The influence of electronic devices is stronger than the pen and books. I think many families have the same experience like us.

Writing is a big part of learning. Unfortunately, I often ignore it as well.

  • I thought that the other subjects and lessons are more important than a long time to wait kids finish their writing assignment
  • I am pessimistic with kids. It is impossible that kids will be an author with no writing talent at all.
  • Kids always make the same mistakes and I think it is impossible to correct them. In other words, I am desperate.
  • Kids never enjoy writing, so it will be another torture to force them writing.
  • I think as long as they can write simple sentences, letter, and paragraph, it would have been enough.

When kids hate it, homeschooling is more challenging but not impossible. So how do you homeschool when your child hates writing? I have been trying hard to find out the answer and got some 

Here are a few tips that might help:

  • Limit the amount of writing they have to do. As long as your child is learning how to write, can form letters correctly and can compete language lessons that require writing, that’s really all that is necessary. Use different methods of teaching such as spelling words orally or playing matching games for other lessons.
  • Make writing more fun. Play word games or have them write a funny short story. Another option is to write sentences and have them fill in the blank with different words that fit. Anything that makes writing fun will help encourage your child to do more of it.
  • Do a lot of reading. Read stories to your child and listen to them read books on their level. Reading is fun, entertaining and gives kids a chance use their imaginations. The stories show them how exciting words can be, which makes them more excited about writing.  
  • Split up the writing lessons. Instead of having your child complete each writing lesson all at once, split it up into short sessions. They won’t dread it as much when they know it won’t last as long. Do fun lessons in-between the writing sessions to help get their mind off of writing.

Over time your child may begin to enjoy writing more. In the meantime, these tips can help eliminate some of the stress he associates with writing, making homeschooling a bit easier for everyone.

Using Writeshop to Homeschool Child Hates Writing


It is not easy to find a writing program that meets the need of child hates writing. We have already tried so many writing curriculum and they usually failed in the middle of the year. Well, I don't say that many curriculum are not qualified, but it is just from our end that they didn't meet our children's need, and condition.

This year we use Write Shop Junior D for our 4th grader. I purchased the downloadable version. It has 3 books in a set:

  1. Teacher's Guide has step by step guides for parents. It starts from planning the lessons, delivering them, and finally assessing students' work.
    Well, I am not an English native speaker. I am very happy for how the teacher's guide has helped me a lot to plan the lessons, to delivery them, and to assess my son's works. I can say that I have been learning and teaching writing at the same time.
  2. Student Worksheet Pack.
    It has 60 activity pages to complete parts of each lesson. My son loves the Games. Playing games doesn't have to be with a large number of children. My son and I can play game together without less fun. There are also word banks, worksheets, and graphic organizers to introduce the lifelong writing skills such as brainstorming and self-editing.
  3. Fold n Go Grammar Pack.
    There are 10 sets of lapbooks for reviewing grammar accompanied with 20 pcs of bookmarks for short version of review. Learning grammar feels more special.

For my middle school, we use Writeshop I. Please check out my review in The Curriculum Choice. With WriteShop, I learn writing with my children

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