5 Possible vs. 5 Impossible Homeschooling Parents

What kind of parents that possible and impossible to homeschool their children? Before you become homeschooling parents, think about your possibility.

The number of homeschooling family in Indonesia increases a lot lately. When I was in grade 6, 25 years ago, we never heard that term at all. When I started homeschooling just 4 years ago, we rarely heard any of homeschooling family in Indonesia, but we could browse some of this cases in the internet. Now, although there are some annoying questions about it, we still can meet some homeschooling families more easily.

Homeschooling has been one option indeed. With various reasons, people start to think further toward their children's education. However, it usually takes a lot of time of consideration whether you are going to homeschool your children or not. You might be thinking who you are and whether you are qualified to homeschool your children with your recent condition.5 Possible vs. 5 Impossible Homeschooling Parents

The Possible Homeschooling Parents

I have been thinking a lot that HOMESCHOOLING is SUITABLE and POSSIBLE for EVERYONE, but many people don't believe that. Let's see some kinds of unordinary parents that can homeschool their children:

Single Parents

Becoming a single parent is something very hard to do. Don't ask about homeschooling since fulfilling daily need has been something nightmare. Most homeschooling parents would like to send their children to school once they become single parents with a reason to work outside as they are the only breadwinner in the family. In this case, career will be the priority to get every single penny.

I was very surprised that many homeschooling parents are single parents. Single Mom Homeschooling written by a single homeschooling mother gives some encouragements to single homeschooling about

  • Dealing with naysayers
  • Facing the legal dilemma
  • Finding possible income sources
  • Cost cutting and money solutions
  • Designing and planning your homeschool curriculum, space, and time
  • Managing the work schedule and daily life

Two Incomes Family

The harsh economical competition and demands have made most families have to have two incomes. Both my husband and I work. My husband works outside or employed and I work at home. There are also some homeschooling families that have two incomes. The Working Parent's Guide to Homeschooling answers questions such as, “How can I work and homeschool?” by showing the reader how to find what works for them. Working parents will explore issues such as:

  • Time management
  • Child care arrangements while working
  • How to teach

Real life working parents’ solutions to each of these issues are presented in chapters on:

Organize my homeschool
  • Scheduling
  • Who watches the kids?
  • Curriculum
  • Resources

Impatient Parents

Well, I am one of the impatient homeschooling parents. There are a lot of impatient homeschooling moms that have been trained by homeschooling their children. I have to thank my children for training me every day. Tabitha Philen in Even-Tempered Mother: Tips from a Mom Overcoming Rage and Depression  gives some tips on how to deal with the impatience. She was very sensitive and temperamental due to some depressions and she was also a homeschooling mom, one of which is autistic.

Uncertificated Parents

This is a very common issue and there have been a lot of proof of uncertificated homeschooling parents that produce great scored homeschooled children. You don't have to do everything by yourself and I believe that children have their own capacity of learning.

The Crafty Classroom

Traveling Parents

This is the most probable parents to homeschool, I think. This area includes missionary and military. The possibility to bring along your children while you are traveling will make both parents and children can work together well. There is a huge flexibility in homeschooling that makes the traveling doesn't make you guilty for your children.

The Impossible Homeschooling Parents

However, after thinking hard, I just get some kinds of parents that find homeschooling as a hard challenge. I can say that they might not be able to finish homeschooling because of these factors:

Homeschooling for Short Trial

I would like to give advice to any parents who want to homeschool their children for a short time as a trial, “Please, it would be very hard to decide in the short time trial! Don't make your children as a gambling.” Homeschooling is a process. It is difficult to say how people can be considered as a successful homeschooler in just a year. Have a more serious thought before you decide homeschooling your children. Even if you are not confident to homeschool them.

Huge Disagreement between Parents

Single homeschooling parents will have more freedom in doing homeschooling rather than husband and wife who don't have full agreement for homeschooling their children, I can say. The disagreement will make unpleasant situation in your family and your marriage. Please pray a lot before you start until both parents agree to go ahead homeschooling.

Parents Who Don't Want to be Busy

Homeschooling is a very busy life in any parts of the world, I will tell you. Whether you give the responsible of teaching to tutors or you teach your children by yourself, homeschooling will make you think harder than putting your children in the public school. First of all, the decision makers are parents mostly. If you go to school, all administration and things should have been arranged by the school. Next, homeschooling will just demand you to give more time to stay close with your children since you need to think more about their needs physically and mentally. In addition, you still have to think about the standardized exam procedures, etc. SO, if you want everything is fixed academically, it is better not to choose homeschooling.

Perfectionist School at Home

If you think that you want your homeschooling feels like a school at home and you stick to the idea, I am really sure you would be disappointed, stressful, and finally burnt out. I feel very sorry for this. Rather than preparing for your own burial, it is better to prevent it or you should broaden your mind.

Priority on Other Work More Than Anything

When you feel that your work is far more important than your children's education, I suggest you not to try homeschooling at all. You will have a very bad mood any time you face your children. Both of you and your children will get disappointed and it can give both of you emotional wounds. Think more to make homeschooling something possible for you.

Whatever impossible condition for you to homeschool your children, with a great perseverance in loving your children, you will always make the impossible ones become possible. Of course you will need pray to God and a hard will to make it happen.

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One thought on “5 Possible vs. 5 Impossible Homeschooling Parents

  1. Rach D says:

    This is a really great list Adelien. I agree…when your attitude is wrong about homeschooling, or you have some barriers to overcome (like not wanting to be busy) without a complete attitude shift, it won’t really work!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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5 Possible vs. 5 Impossible Homeschooling Parents

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