Pintastic Pinteresting Party #56

Pintastic Pinteresting Party 2015

Welcome back to our party. We would like to encourage you to share your posts in our Pintastic Pinteresting Party. Let's visit, enjoy, and share each other's posts to get to know better. I hope by doing so, you will get more encouragement, inspirations, and ideas. I am pretty excited about featuring you and spreading the word of some amazing posts to read! Thanks for joining us.

This week on Blessed Learners

10 Tips to Motivate Your Children Reading Books

10 Tips To Motivate Your Children Reading Books

Reading books is a gate of knowledge and wisdom. Try to make reading books as a culture in family. Here are 10 tips to get children motivated in reading.

9 Tips on Monitoring The Internet Use for Children

9 Tips on Monitor Internet Use for Children

The internet offers a lot of things. Children are also very familiar with the internet use. Here are some tips to monitor internet use for children.

This Week's Features

20 Awesome Easter Basket Ideas for Owl Loving Girls

Organize my homeschool

I really love the ideas of Owl basket in Easter. Those 20 ideas are really great. I love the mug and the bag. They look so cute and I am really sure kids will love them. Thank you very much for sharing.


Stress has been one characteristic of the modern life. Anyone can be suffered of being stressful. Thank you very much for some tips on dealing with stress. That's right. We need to be able to manage our stress.

Pintastic Pinteresting party

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Pintastic Pinteresting Party #56

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