Building Up Knowledge for The Preschool with Joy Sprouts App

Building Up Knowledge for The Preschool with Joy Sprouts App

I would like to admit that children in the ages of 2-5 have the greatest amount of development academically. They still don't have any burden generally. They will try to explore a lot of things anywhere and anytime. How fast a stock of application finish for my niece. Even when her mom doesn't give her daily regular electronic game time. She only needs a few span of time to finish a game application. It means that her mom needs a stock of education game application to use in a few regular game time. Therefore, I was very happy to have the opportunity to review Joy Sprouts I received this product for free and I receive some compensation for my time to review.

Building Up Knowledge for The Preschool with Joy Sprouts App1

Let's Get To Know Joy Sprouts

Joy Sprouts is a great app for children aged 3-5 where the learning development is on the golden ages. There are some modules which are called as sprouts available that support the development of the areas bellow:

  • Cognition and General Knowledge (Math, Science, and Social studies)
  • Language and Literacy
  • Learning Approaches
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development and Health

Those modules are not in a form of continuous stories or projects, but they are formed out of separated activities.

Benefits for Us

  1. Joy Sprouts has balance areas for children development. Each of the module helps children to develop their knowledge of certain theme and general skills applied. It is not only Maths and literacy, but the social studies, physics and music have special attention to. Building up knowledge for the preschoolers with Joy Sprouts app will help parents to control the balance development of 5 aspects of learnings. The report for individual child shows parents how each module has helped the children develop their area of thinking.
    A balance progress of development can be controlled
    A balance progress of development can be controlled
  2. Since the activities are random or not in a continuous story or projects, my niece can access to any of the sprouts she likes without any necessity to remember the previous one.
  3. We can get the report of the children's activities individually. This is the best thing about Joy Sprouts App. Here are my screenshots of how Joy Sprout present and deliver the reports in details.
    Total Development Report
    Total Development Report
    Total Development Report in detail
    Total Development Report in detail
  4. We might register more than one children with a subscription to Joy Sprout's newsletter.
  5. The progress and level of difficulty of each module will increase gradually, not extremely. My niece feels Joy Sprouts was easy at first, but when she has played it for a while, she just feels that the app is getting more challenging. The increase of difficulty is very smooth.

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How to Get Joy Sprouts

Joy Sprouts is available only in iTunes as Joy Sprouts – Kids Preschool Education (Play, Learn, Develop, Report, Analyse, Guide) – Joy Sprouts, Inc.

Get Joy Sprouts free by tweeting about the app!

  1. Download Joy Sprouts
  2. Tweet about it and tag @JoySprouts
    Example Tweet
    I downloaded @JoySprouts. It’s our new favorite #homeschool app! #ihsnet
  3. Joy Sprouts will make full refund via Paypal.
  4. If you have any trouble with getting your refund, contact support

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