St. Patrick’s Day Resources

St. Patrick's Day Resources

St. Patrick's Day Resources

St. Patrick's Day is not my holiday here in Indonesia. Here are some St. Patrick's Day Resources to help learners digging the holiday by doing some research with critical thinking and enjoying the fictions. We don't know at all about the holiday. I just thought it was a common holiday, but looking around the website, many people celebrate it. I wonder what the holiday is about. I asked some friends living around the world and everyone has different tradition, attitudes, and knowledge in celebrating the originally Irish holiday. At the same time, my son who is doing the World History with Mystery of History 2 is also reading about the holiday. Therefore, we go deeper into the holiday by doing some research. I try to collect some children friendly resources about St. Patrick's Day and here they are:

St. Patrick's Day References

Saint Patrick facts provide some information or facts about ST. Patrick from Ireland in the religious view. From this site we know the religious background of St. Patrick which is far away from the parades, party, and secular traditions. I was surprised how the religious facts can transform tragically.

Saint Patrick's Day Symbolism gives me some information about the attributes and symbols used in the modern St. Patrick's Day that I find around the internet websites.

Videos about St. Patrick's day are really great to help us watching real actions and alive explanation things around the St. Patrick's Day.

Ireland References

Resources about Ireland will help us to get to know about Ireland where the holiday comes from. I think studying about St. Patrick's Day cannot be separated from looking up some information about Ireland

Another resource list about Ireland will give alternation of information about Ireland.

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 St. Patrick's Day Arts and Craft

We don't have enough time to do all of the arts related with the St. Patrick's Day. However, when I browsed around, I found some interesting ideas on St. Patrick's Day arts activities and I collect them in my new Pinterest board, St. Patrick's Day. You might visit and follow the board

Follow Adelien's board st. Patrick's Day on Pinterest.

St. Patrick Story books

We are not familiar with this holiday, for honest. However, I am interested with it. Here are several books that look great to read to children about St. Patrick Day:

I also made St. Patrick's Day notebooking pages and graphic organizers for a limited time to help some research about St. Patrick's Day. Check out the set by clicking the image below:

St. Patrick's Day Notebooking Pages and Graphic Organizers

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St. Patrick's Day Resources

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