4 Ways to Stop Sibling Quarreling 

There are several times that sibling quarreling is unavoidable. As a parent, how do you stop sibling quarreling? Here are some tricks

Do your children quarrel? You are very lucky when you find your children never quarrel. Maintaining a good relationship with siblings is very crucial for both parents and children. However, during the journey to achieve the goal, we often experience that give some troubles for us. Siblings quarreling might sometimes be unavoidable. It needs some efforts for parents to stop sibling quarreling.

If you have siblings, then you understand that getting into an argument occasionally is normal. It’s something that all kids do, especially when everyone is cooped up inside the house because of bad weather. Sometimes, it’s best to let the kids settle their disagreements themselves but that’s not always the case.

When siblings argue constantly or if things tend to get out of hand when they’re quarreling, then it’s time to intervene. How you approach your kids when intervening is very important. Your attitude and frame of mind affects how well they respond to you.

It also sets the tone for how they will handle similar situations in the future. If you approach it with anger or blow it out of proportion, they’ll most likely do the same as adults. Now is the time to teach your kids the right way to handle disagreements.

Two Boys Fighting In School Playground

How to Stop Sibling Quarreling

Here are four tips on how to stop sibling quarreling while setting good examples for your kids.

Set rules

The first step is to have rules and make sure your kids understand that you expect everyone to follow them. Your list of rules should includes

  • no hitting
  • no yelling
  • treat each other respectively.
  • Don’t go into your sibling’s room or touch their personal things without permission and have patience with each other.

Setting rules and boundaries teach kids how to respect not only their siblings but everyone in general.  

Stay calm

Raising your voice to tell your kids to stop quarreling enhances the situation and makes matters worse. If you have to, separate your kids and talk to each one of them separately to hear their side of the story without interruptions. Then determine what course of action to take and follow through with it. This teaches kids how to calm down, discuss the problem and search for a solution to solve the conflict together.

Teach your kids how to resolve conflicts.

Don’t just set rules and tell your kids to find a solution, teach them how. Create a plan with steps for the kids to follow when they have a problem. It could be something like stay calm, discuss the problem and look for a solution. If you can’t work it out on your own then ask mom and dad for help.

Find out why your kids fight.

Is there something going on in your home causing conflict? Do you spend more quality time with one child, even if the reason is that they need more help? If so, this can cause jealousy that pops up when things are not going well. Is it possible one of your kids is being bullied at school and taking it out on their sibling when they get home? Sometimes, there’s more to sibling rivalry than you know.

These tips can help reduce how often your kids fight but there will still be times when they get into an argument. When this happens, remember to treat each child individually. They’re not the same, don’t look at things the same way and need to find their own unique way of dealing with the problems they face. Don’t take sides and look for a solution that is fair to both kids for the best results.
Learning to love your siblings God's way

My Brothers Keepers

Do my children quarrel often? When they were still young they never quarreled at all. They looked very nice. However, when they come to their teen age, the tendency to quarrel just increase. I am extremely upset for this fact. I keep praying and it seems God answer me with this wonderful bible study that help children to know and to realize how to treat their brothers (siblings) according to the Christianity value. We get the product for free because I am an affiliate of the company. I don't require to write positive review, but all opinion is honest. Some links are affiliate links meaning, at no additional cost to you, I may get a small commission if you make a purchase.

There are 20 lessons in the curriculum which are expected to finish in four weeks, from Monday to Friday. Since my children need more help in translation, we spent one and a half month. Each lesson spends about 20 minutes to finish.

There are 2 versions of the study, the youth and the junior versions. The contents are the same, but the delivery and the tasks are different. Therefore, you can use it at the same time with multiple age children.

There are several times that sibling quarreling is unavoidable. As a parent, how do you stop sibling quarreling? Here are some tricks

What We Find in My Brothers Keeper Bible Study

  1. Cases of siblings in the Bible and some discussion. We read several verses or a chapter in each lesson before answer questions
  2. Each lesson is closed with prayer. Kids write their prayer according to the topic.
  3. There are some sections that ask children to know deeper about their siblings
  4. Summary of the study that reviews all points

How We Like My Brothers Keeper Bible Study

  1. We like the messages of the study which are delivered through biblical characters and stories.
  2. This bible study gives logic reasons to maintain good relationship with siblings
  3. It doesn't only warn children, but also parents as well.
  4. The study is very flexible and easy to absorb in mind. We can follow the lessons with our patch.

How to Purchase My Brothers Keeper Bible Study

Both The Junior and The Youth versions of My Brothers Keeper have both soft cover and pdf edition. You can purchase them in either in the store or Amazon. Click the image below to get them in the store:

Learning to love your siblings God's way

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