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The Ultimate Guides to Start HomeschoolingMany people might think you are weird to put away your children from the public or private schools since you just stay away from the considered normal way to children education. The instant way has been provided, but you create a more difficult way from the point of view of most people. That might make people not confident at all to start homeschooling. The attack from the society is usually very hard. On the other hand, the urge of homeschooling children might have been in the parents' mind long time before you have children.

Today I would like to share some tips I collected some tips about how to start homeschooling. I hope that many parents who have already a plan to homeschool their children or any parents who want to refresh their homeschooling can get benefits from the links bellows.

Decide to Homeschool

Decision is very complicated for some families to homeschool their children. Even many families feel that this is a very hard step to do when they start to homeschool. However, there are some things to think further before we decide to homeschool our children. Here are some consideration to decide homeschooling your children:

Various Ways to Start Homeschooling

Every family has a unique ways to start homeschooling their children. Some of them might be similar. It is great to know how others start homeschooling. The stories can help and encourage us to start homeschooling and we might make our own experience in starting homeschooling our children. Here are some experience of how starting homeschooling.

Reading what others have done is really helpful. However, it is great also for you to read some homeschooling books.

Dealing with Laws

Homeschooling is not legal in all countries in the world yet.

  1. There are some countries that still forbid homeschooling and consider that homeschooling is illegal.
  2. There are also some countries that still don't have any law regarding homeschooling. However, there are still homeschoolers live although the country still doesn't say if it is legal or illegal.
  3. There are also some countries that have already had the law, but it is still confusing.

Although the USA has already considered homeschooling is a legal method for children's education, there are different homeschooling laws in each state that homeschoolers need to obey to be included in the exam legally.

  • HSLDA has provided the best resources fo the homeschooling laws in each state in the USA. You need to find out your country's law and regulation resources to make sure you are on the right track, even if you disagree with it.
  • If you belong to other countries, you might check out HSLDA International contact and get the root to your homeschooling laws and communities around.

There are also some support from other blogs supplementing and summarizing the states/country's law and regulation

Decide Your Homeschooling Methods

Once you decide to homeschool your children, you might want to go deeper to the homeschooling methods that you want to do with your children. Here are some collection of general homeschooling method posts that you might check out:

Traditional Textbook Approach

Although many people thinking that homeschooling using textbooks is very rigid and not flexible, some homeschooling family still use the textbooks to help them doing the teaching and learning process. You might need to look up some tips on how to homeschool with the textbooks and some tips on homeschooling with the textbooks.


The Montessori methods are usually used for early childhood education. Many homeschoolers with preschools to elementary levels use the Montessori methods confidently. Please check them out in the links bellows:

  • Homeschooling Philosophies and Methods: Montessori
  • Beginning Montessori Homeschol Journey
  • 10 Tips on Starting Montessori
  • How to Set Up Montessori Homeschool Classroom

Classical Education

Being classics is not always been old fashioned. Even there are many famous people who use the classical education in the history. Although not everyone feels suitable with the homeschooling method, we still use this methods in some ways since it builds strong foundation for our children.

Unit Study Approach

For Unit Study, I think you need to check out The Unit Study Treasury Vault to find out some great ideas and inspiration on unit study. Susan Evans also had a hangout on air about Unit Study. Here is the video for the Unit Study Hangout:

Charlotte Mason

Charlotte Mason was a British educator who improved the quality of education in England in the early of twentieth century. Her methods shifted the utilitarian education to the education of a child using living ideas in the living books. There are many homeschoolers that adopt Charlotte Mason method with their children. You might learn from some of them bellows:


Eclectic method is a combination of some homeschooling methods to apply with children. Most of the homeschoolers will put themselves into this group with some tendency to certain method.


Unschooling is often seen as the most radical way of homeschooling. Even I think it is the perfect way of learning. Not all homeschoolers understand the essence of unschooling, but it is indeed the most interesting method of homeschooling for me.

Choose Your Curriculum

There are a lot of choice of curriculum to homeschool your children in both printed and electronic forms. We have some annual homeschooling curriculum sale on May and August. You might be confused which one to choose. Here are some publishers you might need to know before the sale next month. Come back here to get the sale alive.

Planning The Years

Homeschooling will feel very hard to manage when you don't plan earlier before the academic years are started. Here are some tips on how to plan the homeschooling years so that you can homeschool your children much easily.

Managing The Daily Time

Can you imagine how the children spend their time learning at home or outside the common schools? Every family has its own unique schedule for managing the homeschooling time. Here are some tips and experience of some homeschooling families in managing the daily homeschooling time.

Dealing with The Homeschooling Issues

There are many issues new homeschoolers need to know so that they can deal with the issues instead of being hopeless. The main issue is usually about socialization. There are also some other several issues that might result in burning out.

Socializing The Homeschooled Children

Getting Involved in Communities

We cannot live a lone as a homeschooler. At least we have to have some virtual relationship with other homeschoolers to encourage and support each other. Without any support, it is hard to survive. In addition, being involved in the society and community will educate the society about homeschooling existance.

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Thanks for including my 31 days of Time Management Tips for the Homeschooling WAHM.

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I am going to homeschool my daughter come September instead of sending her back to the public school here. She isn’t challenged at all and I find the educational system in lacking. As someone that likes to be prepared ahead of time for everything this post is quite helpful (except I’m in Canada).

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Wow! Yes, this list would have been super helpful back in the day!

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This is a great collection of resources! I’m sharing it. 🙂

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