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10 Reasons to Memorize Poems

Reasons to Memorize Poems

reasons to memorize poemsMemorizing poems is not useless. There are some reasons to memorize poems. Able to enjoy the beauty of language is one benefit. Poem memorizing has been considered as old fashioned by a lot of educators. It sounds really terrible and useless for memorising words by other people. The last time I memorized poem before I started homeschooling my children was when I was in the kindergarten. I don’t remember how it felt and what they were. Like what I posted before about the importance of memorization and drilling, memorizing poem has more particular ways and reasons.

When I was doing my research on homeschooling, I found some reasons of memorizing poems:

  1. Memorizing poem will leave beautiful words inside their mind
    The various vocabulary will give them more ideas in writing and speaking. The language and grammar of poems are usually different from other forms of writing. It will form a better level and sense of politeness.
  2. Poem memorization will train children imagination.
    When you read a story, you will train your mind with a link of plots, setting, characters, and message. The links are usually longer than poems. In other words, poems for children are usually shorter than other literature genre. It also usually has some repetition patterns. Memorizing poem will usually focus on less points and steps of plot, setting, character, and message.
  3. We can learn a lot about grammatical structure of sentences and verse by memorizing poem. As it was said before, poems for children usually have patterns and repetition. The repetition can include grammatical and vocabulary patterns. We can use the patterns later in our both written and oral languages.
  4. Memorizing Poem will help children to know the author.
    Reading a poem will be able to play and move our emotion, but memorizing poem will help us further thinking about the background of the writer and how he or she express it in the piece of literature. From this point, children can continue to learn about the biography of the author.
  5. Memorizing and reciting poems can help us improve our intonation and pronunciation as well.
    Using the right intonation and pronunciation will help us to concern about others’ thought and life. The words in a poem is not only about meaning in the dictionary.
  6. Memorizing poem will train our brain to be obedient toward instruction.
    What I mean instruction here is the text itself. Memorizing poem demand us to follow word by word and punctuation mark by punctuation park in the text. It is similar with a song partitur.
  7. Memorizing poem needs a great deal of discipline to focus our mind and to dive inside the poem itself.
    It is about the strategy to memorize. Just memorizing won’t work well I think. We need to know and to find out by ourselves where and when to divide or to cut down into smaller chunks so that poems memorization is simpler.
  8. Memorizing poems is training our patience.
    We need to be patient memorizing poem as all the lines have to be memorised on certain sequence. We have to repeat from the beginning each time we are adding up new line to memorise.
  9. Memorizing poem can give us another thing to collect.
    It can be one form of collection as collecting stamp, coins, shoes, etc. The more poems we memorize, the more pride we are.
  10. Reading old poem can help us into history of the language and the history itself.
    Memorizing the old poem can get us immerse in the age when the poem was created.

Do you or your children memorize poem? If so what is (are) your favourite poems?

How do you do that?

21 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Memorize Poems

    • Adelientan says:

      Luckily the boys here love poem. We consider it as a game. Sometimes a serious poem can sound like a Buddhist chanting just to get them memorize it. Later they just use the proper intonation.

  1. Lorelai @ Life With Lorelai says:

    I am a firm believer in giving children things to memorize, whether it be, poems, Bible verses, lines in a skit, whatever. I think it is a crucial lesson that many children these days are lacking. Your points above are great reasons, but I think you could also add:
    !. Mind organization- remembering things in a strict order.
    2. As a memory exercise- How many times do you hear people say they are bad at remembering names? Teaching a child to memorize will help with this as an adult. This skill is important in every walk of life.
    3. Stretching the brain- your brain needs a workout, and memorization is a great way of doing it.
    Public Speaking- Learning how to memorize will help you to be a better public speaker.

    These are just some of the things that crossed my mind. I know I have seen these skills in my children who had memory as part of their school curriculum. I’ve also seen other kids with impaired skills in these areas who did not have memory in their schooling.

    Life With Lorelai

    • Adelientan says:

      We are on the same boat Lorelai. That kind of memorization is very important. However, many so called “modern” education has shift away the brain exercise. What a pity! Thank you very much for stopping by with beautiful comment. I appreciate it a lot.

    • Adelientan says:

      They enjoy this time a lot, especially when they have just had a new poem. My childhood poem memorization was also very boring and dry. I just learn a lot doing poem in fun way with my friend from Australia when we were teaching partners.

  2. Jill says:

    Great post! I was just thinking about this the other day and wanting to get my kids some poetry to read. My mum can still remember poems she learned when she was at school!

    • Adelientan says:

      I never thought that my kids will love English poem a lot. It is amazing. The Indonesian poem is quite different. For Indonesian, when we read poem using ‘crying acting’ sound, people will give more score. Therefore, I get them using English one.

  3. rebekah says:

    I had to memorize poem in high school, but I pretty much only memorized them enough to pass the assignment. I can’t think of any off the top of my head right now. Seth isn’t memorizing any poems yet, but we are working on Bible verses. He seems to be doing well with those.

  4. Kennie says:

    This brought back memories! I remember memorizing poems when I was in early grade school as well. I don’t remember what they were, but the entire class would recite a poem together. I never thought about doing this before, but I think I will find a poem and begin reciting it to my little one for her to learn. Thank you for sharing this!

    • Adelientan says:

      It is very proud to get the kids are able to recite poems by themselves. In Indonesia, reciting poems was just for kindies. Thank you for stopping by.

  5. Susan Evans says:

    I’ve memorized many poems over the years, because I love the poetic language and symbolism. My kids have memorized “Paul Revere’s Ride,” and they enjoyed dramatizing it with a three-cornered hat.

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