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10 Types of Extra Activities for Homeschool Children

What do your children do besides the schooling activities? Looking for extra activities for homeschool children? Here are 10 types you can look up and adapt for your children so they can they can get the best out of homeschool.

Many people think that homeschool children only spend their time at home with their family so that they don’t have any friend the meet daily. Even, some children feel bored learning at home. I remember the first time we decided to homeschool our children. We try to get around finding some outside extra activities for homeschool children to enrich our children the experience of learning.

Too much outside extra activities are not good for children, but when they don’t have any, that will be areal boring days. We try to classify the outside extra activities for homeschool children into 10. Of course, we don’t take all of them. We discuss the choice and priorities with children.

What do your children do besides the schooling activities? Looking for extra activities for homeschool children? Here are 10 types you can look up and adapt for your children so they can they can get the best out of homeschool. #Homeschool #Parenting #Activities

10 Types of Extra Activities for Homeschool Children

Hobby lessons

This is the most common extra activities that children have. Parents can enrol their children to any activities based on their interest and talents. It might include any arts, sports, and any other interest that have a level of amateur depth. When kids have felt deep enjoyment and showed some achievements, you might plan to facilitate them toward more professional level of training. Music, dancing, painting, knitting, and cooking are some example of this type.

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Martial arts

Martial arts is a bit different from either arts or sports. Martial arts can be a hobby, but there is a different purpose of learning martial arts. Some people do martial arts for strength, protection, health, and beauty. The background of motivation is a mixture of arts, health, and safety. Therefore, I put martial arts into a separated type.

Martial arts are not only for boys, but girls also need to protect themselves physically sometimes. We don’t know what happens in the future. Here are some alternatives for martial arts: judo, wushu, aikido, karate, taekwondo, kempo, and jujitsu.

Sports training

Some homeschooling families have special physical education time and that is the ideal way to maintain the physical health. We love using Fitness for Family curriculum to keep us fit. However, some families cannot do the activities because of one or some reasons. Sending children to a sports training community is one option to do. You might discuss with them what kind of sports they are interested in. Among many options, here are some of them: swimming, archery, basketball, and baseball.


Any organized church related activities will be great for children. Children need to learn how to express the grateful feeling by doing something useful for others. There is usually some cooperation skills needed in a ministry. Children can join a choir, hospital visit, worship participation, etc.

Skill courses

Skill courses don’t have to be hobbies. They are some qualifications needed in the real working life, such as cooking, languages, IT, home economic courses, book keeping, etc. By doing the skill courses, children are expected to own skills that might help them with the working world.

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Community service

It includes any activities done for the sake of community relations. Scouting is one great community service activity to educate the concern toward society. There are a lot of activities in scouting that support the personal growth and the social awareness. If there is any neighbor collaboration activity, it is great to get you and your children to join. It is another way to grow the citizenship character.

Hobby communities

Hobby communities are different from the hobby lessons. The main activity in the hobby lessons children usually will learn from tutors in a various way. I mean that there are various teaching styles that children might learn from a tutor, but basically the tutor who is higher in the level of expertise will transfer knowledge.
In the hobby communities, the members will have a chance to share knowledge with each other. It is great when children can work together with others that have the same hobbies.
For example, when your children love playing piano, it great to join a pianist community or an orchestra.

Field Trip

Going to regular field trips with the support groups will be another experience for homeschooling children to enjoy. Even when you don’t have any support group, you can have a family field trip to give your children more real-world experience. The nature walk is one field trip your children deserve to experience. If you have a chance to visit factories or any working place like the fire station, restaurant kitchen, etc, that would be awesome.

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Private Projects

When your children have a project or something that they really like, try to encourage them getting resources outside. You can use the library or you can find out any other communities and mentor to help them get better information. For example, when they have an astronomy project observing the moon face, you might encourage them to get the image from some places, not only from your garden.

Experience Astronomy

Part Time Jobs

For older children above 15 years old, you might encourage them to do some part-time job to get experience working for others as an employee. There will be a lot of things learned in the real working world. They will see how important it is to be responsible, honest, perseverance, etc in their relationship with others.

How do you determine which extra activities you are going to choose for children?

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