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100 Resources for Character Education

Here are some resources for character education to inspire homeschooling parents achieving their goals to have balance education for children

100 Resources for Character Education

Character education is one reason for parents to decide that they are going to homeschool their children. However, in the middle of the homeschooling practice, we often forget about it. We need some refreshment to apply character education that we want our children have. To overcome the problem, we can read some articles and resources.

Here are some resources of character education to inspire homeschooling parents achieving their goals educating children.

  1. All Things Character Education!
  2. Redirecting and Promoting Good Behavior
  3. 75 Books That Build Character
  4. Children’s Books that Teach Life Lessons
  5. Acts of Kindness Books for Kids
  6. Children’s Book Week: 6 Books to turn young readers into activists
  7. Books to Teach Fairness
  8. 10 Books to Help Kids Become More Responsible
  9. Books that Teach Respect
  10. 10 children’s picture books on self-esteem
  11. Books About Honesty for Kids
  12. Books About Kindness
  13. Children’s Books that Teach Life Lessons
  14. Great Reads for Building Character and Friendship!
  15. Books About Generosity for Kids
  16. Strong, Brave, Courageous Girls: Picture Book Characters for Our Daughters
  17. Building Blocks of Citizenship: 50 Ways to Be a More Engaged, Active Citizen This Year
  18. How to Teach Patriotism & Politics
  19. Understanding government systems with gummy bears
  20. 5 Keys to Raising Grateful Kids
  21. 5 Tips for Teaching Children Gratitude
  22. 7 Activities that Teach Gratitude
  23. 11 Ways To Raise A Grateful Child
  24. T is the season for saying “Thanks!”
  25. Teaching My Preschooler to Give Thanks
  26. How to Encourage Gratitude to Children
  27. Thanksgiving FREEBIE Lessons & Printables #1 of 5
  28. Healthy Self-Esteem in Kids: 10 Things Parents Can DO to Help
  29. Building Self Esteem in Kids – Setting Kids up for Success
  30. Teach Kids To Be Optimistic with a Fun Hands-on Activity
  31. 6 Ways to Teach Your Kids to be an Optimist
  32. Three Independent Skills Your Child Needs for Kindergarten
  33. Teaching Kids Independence-Strategies That Really Work
  34. Practicing Independence Skills – Get Ready for K Through Play
  35. 5 Ways to Encourage Independence in Kids
  36. How to foster independence in your homeschool student
  37. How to Build Confidence in Kids While Doing Activities
  38. Encouraging Independence In Children
  39. 5 Ways to Help Your Shy Kid Get Confident
  40. 10 Tips for Raising Confident Girls
  41. 9 Secrets of Confident Kids
  42. 5 Reasons Preschoolers Lie & How to Teach Them About Honesty
  43. Teaching Kids To Be Honest
  44. Why is it Important to be Honest?
  45. 10 Tips to Help Your Child Stop Lying and Tell the Truth
  46. Teaching Children about Honesty w/ Free Printable
  47. Character Building – Honesty [Free Activity Packet]
  48. Parenting is Child’s Play: Responsibility
  49. Reminder to Myself: Don’t Coddle Your Boys!: Teaching Responsibility
  50. FREE DOWNLOAD: A New Curriculum to Teach Responsibility
  51. 3 Tips for Raising Responsible (Happy) Kids
  52. Teaching Responsibility and 10 Great Chore Charts
  53. Teaching Children About Financial Responsibility
  54. 3 Magic Phrases that Help Grow Responsible Kids
  55. Writing FREEBIE–Student Responsibility
  56. Character Education ~ Mantra Minute Affirmations for Responsibility
  57. E is for Empathetic: 10 Ways to Teach Empathy
  59. Teaching Kids about Empathy
  60. 8 Ways to Teach Your Child Virtue
  61. 10 Ways to Teach Kindness
  62. Biblical Boyhood: Teaching Boys to Be Respectful
  63. Respect The Elders and Commemorate The Ancestors
  64. 10 Tips on Teaching Respect to Children: You can’t get it if you don’t give it!
  65. The Interrupt Rule
  66. 10 Ways to Help Kids Make Friends
  67. Teaching Kids to Befriend Others
  69. How to Raise a Polite Kid: 10 Manners to Teach Them Now
  70. 10 Times to Teach Politeness:Raising a Well-Mannered Child
  71. Teaching Children Not to Be Rude!
  72. 6 Simple Manners to Teach Your Toddler
  73. 5 Ways to Teach Your Children to Be Givers
  74. Phrases to Encourage Sharing
  75. 8 Ways To Raise Kids Who Care About Others
  76. Teaching Them to Have a Tender Heart Toward Others
  77. Teaching Your Children to Serve
  78. Teaching Children Charity
  79. The question on my mind lately is how can I teach my kids to care for books?
  80. 30 Fun Ways to Prevent Nature-Deficit Disorder in Children
  81. Montessori-Inspired Activities for Care of Self
  82. 10 Songs to Help Teach Kids to Share
  83. 5 Simple Ways To Teach Kids To Serve
  84. 10 More Ways of Helping Kids Deal with Anger
  85. Hitting & Biting in Toddlers: How to Handle It
  86. My Favorite Tip For Calming Tantrums
  87. Taming The Toddler
  88. Free Webinar: Get Kids to Listen Without Nagging, Reminding or Yelling
  89. Conflict Resolution
  90. 20+ Free Character Education Printables
  91. My Top 7 Character Training Resources
  92. FREE ABC Biblical Character Cards
  93. Free Bucket-Filling Videos for Character Education
  94. Beginning of the Year Theme – BE YOURSELF
  95. 42 Character Education Word Strips!
  96. Character Pillars Activities
  97. How to Include Character Education In Daily Life with Young Kids
  98. Our Character Education for better Future
  99. Reading Listening to A Biography of Famous Person For Kids
  100. Character on YouTube

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3 thoughts on “100 Resources for Character Education

  1. Sue says:

    What an incredible list of resources! Character is SO important – one could argue it’s the most important thing we can teach our children. Thanks so much for sharing links from our Alphabetic Character Series! Best, Sue

  2. Rach D says:

    What a comprehensive list Adelien! That’s amazing 🙂 Pinning this one.
    Thanks so much for sharing with us at Mom 2 Mom Link Up! Hope you come join us again, Rachael @ Diamonds in the Rough

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