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5 Days of New Homeschool Year Preparation

5 Days of New Homeschooling Year Preparation

New homeschool year has been very exciting for almost every homeschooling parents and children. 5 Days of New Homeschool Year Preparation might help you to prepare your new homeschool year preparation. This is the time to start some new things and to fix the previous flaws that were made. Of course, every family has its own ways to start their homeschooling year based on the unique vision, mission, value, and characteristics that belong to the family.

5 Days of New Homeschool Year Preparation helps you to prepare your new homeschool year. You will start some new things and to fix the previous flaws.

This post is going to reveal 5 days of new homeschool year preparation that we did. This is our seventh year of homeschooling our children since we took away our two older children out of the private school. We have changed things here and there since the first time of homeschooling. The seventh school year should have made us more mature than it was before.

Before New Year Homeschool Year Preparation

  • Before you start your preparation, it is better to do some flashback in your previous homeschool year. I wrote a post about my reflection after our 5th homeschool year
  • Your new homeschool year this year might be different from the previous year for certain situation. Here are some situations that might make your year different:
    • Mom has to work outside home is one adaptation you might not avoid. Will you stop homeschooling for this situation? You don’t have to. You just need to work harder adapting the situation.
    • If you homeschool more than one child, you might need to confirm that all of your crew and yourself are ready or willing to continue the journey. It can happen that one or a couple of children want to go to the public school that make your schedule tweaked.
    • Some situation might stop you to teach your own children. It is still possible for you to continue the homeschooling journey without being burnt out. Of course, you will need to do more adaptation.
  • Homeschooling is very flexible that you can change your homeschooling methods for some reasons. You should not be afraid to do so. You and your children are the only ones who know it better. There isn’t any perfect method to homeschool.

5 Days of New Homeschool Year Preparation

Ready to continue the homeschooling journey? Let’s set a sail! You should see how we prepare for the new homeschool year in this 5 posts:

  1. Decluttering the old year stuff
    This first step has started our new academic year preparation. Honestly, it is very hard to start this step for us.
  2. Planning Ahead For The new Homeschool Year
    As soon as the cleaning up process finish, we start planning for the new academic year. This step has taken the longest time of the preparation process.
  3. Get Some Frugal Curriculum and Equipment
    We try hard to get the best price for our homeschooling equipment and requirement. The expensive price doesn’t guarantee that it has great qualities.
  4. Preparing Children and Parents to the New Homeschool Year
    It is quite challenging to get the kids ready for the new school year after the summer holiday. We need also to prepare the kids readiness to enter the new school year.
  5. Preparing the Classroom for the New Homeschool Year
    Although it is not always true that having a well-prepared classroom will let the learning process flow better, I think the more a classroom well prepared, the more enjoyable the learning will be. However, we need to remember that the Earth is our classroom.

Let start your homeschool new year with a much better preparation so that you and you children can get more benefits out if it. You might make some flaws in your homeschooling days, but there will always be a time to fix it by learning from the mistakes one day. Please remember that every family has its own unique life that might not be the same from each other. Therefore, don’t be afraid to make any difference.

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4 thoughts on “5 Days of New Homeschool Year Preparation

  1. Susan Evans says:

    I like the fact that you start preparations for the new school year by decluttering the old year’s stuff to make space for the new. I think lots of homeschoolers continue to accumulate things until they can’t seem to find space for everything!

  2. Ann says:

    I spent time at the end of the last homeschool year and during the summer so far getting rid of curricula and books we won’t be using. It freed up a lot of space and now I can focus on using what is left. Once we’re done with that, it will be time to let it go so someone else can use it.

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