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52 Literature Books for High Schoolers in A Year

The Literature Books for High Schoolers and study guides

Literature books for high schoolers might be similar with the middle schoolers, especially the classic books. It depends on the application and the discussion. What does it mean?

  • Even when you use the same books with the middle schoolers, high schoolers, which are equal with the rhethoric stage in the classical education, need much deeper topics for the reading comprehension.
  • The literature books for high schoolers are generally longer and they have more complicated vocabulary. Even they have more figurative language.
  • The literature study is usually integrated with the writing lessons to make deeper appreciation.

For that reasons, the literature study guides will help the high schoolers to explore the literature books. Here are some other reasons to accompany the literature books for high schoolers with the literature study guides:

  • It is not enough for learners to learn from a tutor or parents. Even if your children go to the public school. Learning from a teacher will never be detail enough.
  • If you are a homeschooling parents, you might not have read the literature in detail so that you need to be confident in assisting your children.
  • The study guide will control learners in learning the content of the literature books. Most of the children might now be able to enjoy the literature books, especially the classic ones. It happens because they don't quite understand about the meaning in depth.

In this list, I provide each literature books with the literature study guides. There are also some literature study guide bundles if you want to purchase some of them with the best price. Just check out 7 Sisters Homeschool ebook store. I like the products in the store as they are very supportive for the high school reading and writing activities. Click the picture bellow to visit.

Literature Books for High Schoolers in A Year

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4 thoughts on “52 Literature Books for High Schoolers in A Year

    • Adelien Tan says:

      That is a good question. 7Sisters materials are all from a Christian worldview but they are not preachy, some material (like Career Exploration will talk about God’s plan for each person), some literature study guides have no religious mention at all but are written with Christian values of hopefulness and the worth of humans. Does that answer the question?

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