I am Adelien Tan, a mother of three awesome boys and a wife of a great husband. We are a Catholic home education family who live in Surabaya, Indonesia, where home education is still very rare. English is not our first language, but I try to use it in blogging. You might visit us in Blessed Learners.

We started our homeschooling journey on November 2011 with some reasons that you can read in our post, Why Homeschooling. Deciding to homeschool our children is not something easy for us. It takes a lot of prays and considerations. It is also not separated from challenges we have in the journey. On the other hand, we would like to share what we have done, our thought, and information. Therefore, I started blogging actively on July 2013 with visions and missions:

Visions – How I see my blog

  1. Blogging is a way of ministry
    Our blog has changed for many times before what readers can see right now. At the moment, we focus ourselves to some niche: Homeschooling, Blogging, Family, and Personal Growth. It is a place for us to share our thought in those areas. I am aware also that many people still need help in terms of that niche
  2. Blogging is a way of learning life
    It is stated in our tagline that Blessed Learners is a blog of learners to show the journey of learning life. Learning is on going all of the time in our life that we would like to show and tell through our blog.
  3. Blogging is a way of helping our family
    Marriage is my first priority in life after God. Family is the next after it. Blogging is one blessing to help our family financially. To explain about this, you might read our disclosure and disclaimer policies.

Missions – What I Want This Blog To Be

  1. Blogging can be a way to get us closer to the virtual world with the international scope. Homeschooling is still very rare in the country where we live compared with many other countries in the world. Our blog is a mean of learning from other bloggers and homeschoolersI am aware fully that we cannot be like we are right now without encouragement, help, and insight from other homeschoolers and bloggers around the world. Being a homeschooling family in Indonesia where the law and regulation haven’t been stable and complicated for us, I feel very lucky to have a lot of support from many people Around the world.
  2. We use this blog to share information, learning experience, tools, knowledge, thought, and passion. Starting and doing homeschooling from the scratch is a really hard work for parents and it gives great both positive and negative impacts for the family. Based on my personal and practical experience from day to day, I would like to share what I can share. I hope that many people can get benefits from this blog.
  3. By sharing what we can share, I wish that we can go further to explore the world of knowledge and wisdom through writing. Therefore, it can help myself and other to give more respect and gratefulness toward God, our Creature.

Well, before exploring this blog, it is great to know the crew of our family first.

Blessed Learners

Blessed LearnersLet me start with my beloved husband, Welly. He is a very patient man that I was married with in 2002. Both of us knew each other since we were in high school in Malang. He loves watching F1, fitness working out, doing home maintenance DIY, and playing guitar. All of our sons are very “sticky” with him.

Our first son is Ken. He is going to start his 9th grade formally on July 2016. He loves wushu, swimming, and playing piano. Maths is his favourite subject beside science, geography, world history, and English language arts.

Our second son is Tom. He is going to start his 8th grade formally on July 2016. He loves capoeira, swimming, playing drum, and drawing. Social studies (geography, history, and economic) are very interesting for him before science.

Our youngest son is Jim. He is going to start his 4th grade formally on July 2016. He loves ballet more than the others. His favourite subject is Mathematics, absolutely. He just started being homeschooled in 2015.

About myself, I am just a wife and a mom. I am a teacher for my beloved sons. I am also a driver for them in the afternoon. I love learning a lot by reading, writing, and doing. I play piano in my spare time.

In 2015, I started my Virtual Assistant Business to help my hubby and I just actually love the works I am doing now. Here is my Virtual Assistant website:

Adelien Tan Virtual Assistant Service

You can contact us in our Contact Page or meet us in some social media and email

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  1. Amy says:

    Nice to meet you, too! Thanks for stopping by my blog. We have friends in Indonesia. I hope God will bless your efforts to homeschool your children. That’s wonderful!

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