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Activities for the Community Helper Unit for Children

{Printables} Activities for the Community Helper Unit for Children

Many people in my culture think that children are like empty piece of paper that we can write on with knowledge and education. I completely disagree with it since children have their own ability to learn. Anyway, as parents we need to introduce them to the social life outside the house and family. Here are some concepts that the preschoolers need to know about the community helpers:

  • Human beings are social creatures. We cannot avoid the fact.
  • We need each other so that we live in a community.
  • We should respect each other, including to the community helpers.
  • When you participate in a society work in helping the community, you have been a community helper either being paid or not.
  • There are some kinds of community helpers in the society with various works, place of works, clothes, and tools.
  • We can help the community helpers to lighten their work in the community.
  • We should have a skill to live in the future helping the community.

Here are some practical activities to do on the Community Helpers Unit:

  1. Visit a community building.
    Children will be able to enjoy the more detail parts of the building. It is great of they know the function of each department. There should be also some people they can meet.
  2. Interview each of the community helper
    The need to write down the question list before doing the interview. Older children should ask much detail questions and the younger ones might need help from parents.
  3. Find some ways to do real practice helping the helpers or learn something from them.
    Older children might help the mail man or the mechanics and the younger children might do easier work. The older helper can do a project for being certain community helper in a certain time. It must be a very great experience.
  4. Role Play as community helpers
    This is a very exciting activity since children are demanded to have certain feeling toward their work. They will think in other person’s hat so that they can feel the responsibility, the exciting and the challenging things becoming a helper.
  5. Analysing a movie that has a lot of helpers.
    Children can take a note to the helpers involved in the movie and think about the jobs well. They can fill in the graphic organizer.
  6. Walking around certain area and recording the community helpers they meet.
    This is a very simple and interesting activity. We usually don’t pay any attention on any community helpers around us. We never thought what would happen without them.
  7. Play a guessing game.
    One person can think about one job and others can guess.
  8. Play Community Helper Bingo
    Bingo is a never ending game for any topic. It will give better vocabulary fluency. Some preparation is needed, but kids will love it.
  9. For learners 3-9, deeper analysis on common skills or even individual skills will be an exciting activity to get them aware to the importance of skills in real life in their future or even now.
  10. For learners K-2, here are some books to read:

Today I am giving away a set of Community Helper Activities for Year K-2 for a limited time.

Community Helpers Activities for K-2

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Community Helpers Activities for K-2

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