When I Have Average Children to Homeschool

What happen when you have average children that never win any competition and doesn't show any superiority?

When I Have Average Children to Homeschool FBYou should be proud of your children when they show great achievements, such as winning a competition. What happen when you have average children that never win any competition and don't show any superiority? It might be more embarrassing when you homeschool your children.

There are many perceptions or stereotypes around me that homeschooled children are either superior (gifted), problematic at the public schools, or special need. It really breaks my heart when my children don't belong to that groups. We have average children to homeschool in the majority of areas, both academic and skills. At least we have not found any best and superior accomplishment they have achieved.

Although we have accepted the real facts about our average children, we sometimes still feel envious indirectly when it comes to the rewarding moment. Well, it might be a feeling of ambition and disappointment that torture us in the “rewarding” moment.

  • When it comes to the competition, we never expect that our children will be the winner. We will stay in a satisfaction that they can join or participate in the competition without any hope to win the game.
  • I just feel inferior to talk with other moms about children's achievement. I get so sick listening to proud moms of their children's achievements.

I confess the feeling honestly. It is the selfish side of mine that you might feel disgusting. Is there anyone that has the same feeling and thinking like mine? You should not feel worried and embarrassed. I do have too.

However, when I am getting older, I am getting more mature as well I think. I am not that irritated anymore to know and to accept the fact that I have average children.

Let's see How to support the average children?

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One thought on “When I Have Average Children to Homeschool

  1. April says:

    I am so glad someone is finally saying this. I have a son who will probably never graduate. We struggle just to get him up to his grade level. I sometimes get irritated when people post all their curriculum they using and it seems so hard and for overachievers. It makes me almost cry inside to think if that’s what ” normal” kids can do at that grade then mine is hopeless. I just have to remember we can only do what we are able and that should be good enough. I am glad to know there are others who aren’t superman.

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When I Have Average Children to Homeschool

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