Beatrix Potter:

Classic Copywork

Book 1

Beatrix Potter’s stories and illustrations are a delight. Use this printing copy work ebook for a child who has mastered individual letters in the alphabet and is ready to begin simple copywork.

  • This cute handwriting ebook has the complete text and illustration from 4 Beatrix Potter stories:

    --> The Story of Miss Moppet
    --> The Story of The Fierce Bad Rabbit
    --> Cecily Parsley's Nursery Rhymes
    --> Appley Dapply's Nursery Rhymes
    • PDF ebook: 50 pages
    • Recommended Ages: 5 - 6
    • Curriculum Suggestions: Kindergarten (Foundation) - Year 1
    • Font: Italic Print and Italics Cursive (choose 1)

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    Features of The Classic Copywork Series


    Save you the time needed to select the copywork and present it in a suitable format.


    The copywork series have passages that are thoughtfully selected using quality and ages appropriate classic literature.


    This copywork series have a balance of rhymes, fabel, poem, and short stories. It also has cute illustrations and drawing spaces for children to enjoy.


    Ebook pdf format & copyright means these copywork books can be used multiple times within the family.

    About the Author: Michelle Morrow

    Michelle Morrow has been a homeschooling mom for 14 years in Australia. Two of her four children are at university and my other two are still homeschooling.

    Over the years her style of homeschooling has changed. She initially had a very school at home approach using workbooks and textbooks.​ She switched her teaching style from a very school type approach and began to implement the Charlotte Mason method and uses good literature as the backbone to her children’s homeschool education.

    Her goal is to help homeschooling parents home educate​ their children.

    Beatrix Potter: Classic Copywork Book 1

    What are you waiting for?

    • Save your time to get the best selection of literature in the copywork activities with one of the classic copywork series, Beatric Potter.
    • Get the most out of the copywork activities with Beatrix Potter: Classic Copywork, Book 1.​

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