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5 Amazing Benefits of Coloring with Kids

There are many benefits of coloring with kids and today I’m going to share some of resources you can use to color with kids.

Adult coloring pages have become wildly popular. Coloring pages have been said to reduce stress and help adults with anxiety. Coloring at any age can be very beneficial, but why is it that so many adults are starting to hop on the bandwagon of coloring with kids? Well, there are many benefits of coloring with kids and today I’m going to share some of the amazing benefits that you and your kids get when you color together.  

Household works have never been ended. Yet, I still have to help my homeschooled kids in their learning. There are also some daily blogging and other freelance works to do every day. In the middle of the busy daily life, coloring with kids in any age is always the time I enjoy a lot. This is one of my favorite activities as a homeschool mom that I have not shared with you yet.

There are many benefits of coloring with kids and today I’m going to share some of resources you can use to color with kids.

Coloring Pages for Kids and Adults

The coloring pages we use are various. We sometimes work on the same, similar, or completely different materials to color.

Academic coloring pages

We love using coloring pages in any subjects we have. When kids are coloring, I might color the same copy or my own Here are some posts where we use coloring pages to engage the learning.

Chemistry for The Primary Learners: The Periodic Table of Elements Coloring Book

Gradation Coloring with Crayon

Hands-on Renaissance and Reformation Unit Study

Hands-on Ancient Greece Unit Study

Here are some coloring pages we use for coloring activities:

The Bible

Reading the scripture and coloring together is a wonderful moment we have. The words of God will immerse deeper and give more motivation and strengths to our mind. At the same time, we encourage each other to discuss. Here are some great coloring bible we have been using.

Coloring Books

We also use other coloring books sold in book stores. I will use some feminine themes, like flowers and scenery. My sons will love buildings, cars, and animals.

Coloring Printables

There are a lot of coloring pages we can get either with purchase or for free. It depends on the tools you use to color. I love coloring pencils, markers, or water color. Choose appropriate page thickness based on the tools you use to color. I would like to suggest you to choose thick paper as the base of the pages so it will not bleed and you would be able to display.

Amazing Benefits of Coloring with Kids 

Relaxation and Patience 

Coloring together helps encourage relaxation and patience. Both you and your kids are able to take your time as you color a favorite coloring page together. Whether you use separate coloring pages and sit together to create your own masterpiece or you share one coloring page to color together, coloring with kids helps encourage both of you to relax and extend your patience skills. Thus, you would be able to chat when you color with kids. 

Increase Focus 

Having to color something places an immense amount of focus as you work to color in between the lines and ensure that you’re coloring something to the best of your ability. When you’re coloring with kids there’s nothing else in the world that matters. You are completely focused on the task at hand and it helps you to increase focus as an adult and within your kids.  


Coloring with kids helps them to understand boundaries such as lines and color limitations. While there are few color limitations, your kids may start to learn that grass has different hues and so does other colors in the rainbow as they grab for that next crayon, marker or colored pencil. Coloring with kids also teaches them about patterns and shapes.  

Sense of Accomplishment 

Sometimes kids get too distracted with other tasks but when it comes to coloring pages they’re able to start a project and finish it. This provides your kids with a sense of accomplishment which in turn builds confidence. Taking time to color with your kids allows both of you to start and finish a project together which provides both of you with a sense of accomplishment.  

Encourages Creativity 

While your kids still have a lot of creativity within their little minds, as adults we tend to lose some of our creative sides. That is unless you work in a creative industry. Coloring with kids helps to encourage their creativity and imagination. Kids can color their coloring pages with any color or design they so desire which helps expand their creative mind and imagination further.  

Being able to color with your kids is a wonderful way to enjoy the amazing benefits of coloring with kids that I shared above as well as to help you reduce stress from the chaotic adult life you lead. There are many benefits of coloring with kids, but the top benefits are those that have been shared here today such as encouraging creativity and a sense of accomplishment.   

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