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I Can’t Homeschool Because I Am Not Confident At All


I Can’t Homeschool Because I Am Not Confident At All

Making a decision to do a full time home education your children is not something easy. Parents are usually faced with a lot of consideration. Lacking of confidence in anything to be a homeschooling mom is the biggest problem that I had. You might give similar response towards any resistance toward homeschooling. Many parents just refuse to homeschool and say, “I Can’t Homeschool Because I Am Not Confident At All.” Let see how I think of confidence and how I can get it along with the time and how I still need to build it up.

I am not confident to teach higher level of education

Thinking how I can teach kids when they still want to continue homeschooling in high school makes me get stomach ache of being nervous. How can I be possible to get along with high school students when my own high school score were horrible?

Observing how the kids are growing during these 3 years of homeschooling, I believe they can be much better and better partner to learn together with me those high school material. They should be getting more mature so that they can have stronger will and more independent attitudes to strive for their learning. I am also not the only teacher. There should be many ways kids can learn things that I cannot help.

I am not confident if children can participate in the exam

Our government and laws always change all of the times. There are many issues of homeschooling legality in Indonesia. People always ask question whether homeschooling learners can go for the national examination to get certificate. Homeschooling should be legal here, but the government consistency is always questioned.

Regarding this case, I cannot think a lot so that I am not going to be more and more worried. I pray a lot for my children to be able to participate in the national exam on time and honestly. At the same time, I try to get more information and connection with many homeschoolers regarding the way to the national examination. I thank God that my eldest son could participate on the first stage of the exam. I believe whenever we pray and work hard, God will show us the way. I do really wish my children could pass all of the exams they have.

I am not confident that my children will have different social life

Another thing that often make me not confident is to imagine how my children would be when they grow up. They won’t have a prom night. They will have different life style. They won’t meet the same age friends everyday like the schooled children. How can I answer people about the socialization question?

The reason that made me not confident has never happened as worse as I imagined. It seems that I have been worried too much. My children can make more friends much better than we were worried about. They don’t have any gaps with their social environment. Homeschooling has more socialization benefits than the schooled children. People have narrow sight toward homeschooling socialization. I try not to involve myself into the socialization conversation topic with people trying to test me with this word. I am not going to lose by this way. We are different and being different is not bad at all.

I am not confident to manage the time

Without homeschooling, my life has been very crowded of things to do. I am a working at home mom. Having a lot of business and homemaking work, I would not have anymore time for myself. How can I add up homeschooling into my agenda? That question really made me not confident at all. Could I share my time with homeschooling? Will I bet my children’s future?

I am not only a wife, working at home mom, a homemaker, and a homeschooling mom at the moment. I am also a blogger right now that have to juggle those job at the same time and place. Well, setting the priority is really the main key. I try to get organized as much as I can. Tell the time is a very simple book about time management that I would like to recommend anyone to read. That book has really made me more confident to manage the time.

I am not confident that my kids will blame me one day

I asked a friend of mine before we started homeschooling. She said that she would never homeschool her children because she is afraid of the feeling of being guilty not to put her children into school. That statement really made me shocked and not confident at all to continue our homeschooling. What if children will blame me one day not to put them into school? We have money and facilities, but we just avoid schooling them.

Luckily I have some virtual homeschooling buddies that always share and encourage each other about homeschooling. My husband is also my best friend in the world. After some discussion with them, I get more courage with another statement: “Kids will feel that they are loved.”

I also often talk with kids about this matter, if they will feel sorry one day that they had been homeschooled. They told me they were the ones who wanted to be homeschooled

I am not confident to give character and spiritual education

The well-built character and spiritual education of children is one of our homeschooling mission for our family, but it turns to be a huge burden for myself for honest. Can I, the impatient mom, educate my children in terms of character and spiritual?

What I can do is praying. I am not a very religious mother, I would like to confess. I try my best to involve the feeling of being grateful toward God in every aspect of teaching. As parents, we feel responsible to show off God’s greatness in any aspect of life toward children so that they will feel grateful and love God better. What I have is only the feeling of love and sincere toward God, my husband and my children. I am also very lucky that my big family has some character and spiritual “messages” sent naturally to my children.

I am not confident to be able to handle my children

I can say that I might be the most impatient mom at all. I also can say that I am really an imperfect homeschooling mom . Am I not a very pitiful mom? How can I handle my emotion toward my children when I am going to meet the more frequently than other moms that send their children to school? 

Homeschooling will be very painful with my emotion that will certainly ruin my own children. Can we get the benefits of homeschooling with such a very temperamental mom teaching her children?

Praying a lot to God to bless me with patience, talking a lot from heart to heart with children, share your thought with your husband and other trusted person, reading the Bible and any books related with the emotion will help you a lot to cope this problem, I believe.

Here are a couple of books I believe have give me a lot of influence: Mommy Anger Management Guide and Even-Tempered Mother: Tips from a Mom Overcoming Rage and Depression {BONUS CONTENT}

I am not confident to reduce my family income or to resign job

Being a homeschooling mom for the first year, I had to decrease my job as a working at home mom. If you are a working outside mom, you must have a similar feeling with me too. I was not confident at all that we had to be able to live much frugally as we have to depend on one income. Would we be able to set a good life more frugally? Could I manage the family finance?

I try hard to reduce our expense and get kids also think frugally. I get them help me with my administrative work, such as making invoice, dropping sales, billing the customers to make my working at home business easier to manage. My best friend, Jill Wilson from calledtobeamom writes a great book, One Income Mystery: Financially Making It At Home With Kids which is also available in kindle. I think you need to read her book to know more how to live on a single income. At the same time, I also start to monetize my blog, for honest. In fact, it can give a few support for us. I thank you my readers to give trust to me.

Thank you God that upon my not being confident as a homeschooling mom, we still can homeschool our children for the mission that we have as a Catholic Family. Therefore, for any homeschooling mother who struggle for being confident, I would like to suggest to flow the life on God’s hands. As long as we pray and work, God will support us to be able to cope problems we have.

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