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7 Ultimate Shopping Tips for Smart Homeschool Moms

Here are 7 Black Friday Homeschool Shopping Tips to get the most out of the annual sales. Use the chance to stock up the curriculum. #BlackFriday #FreePrintable

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the second chance in a year to get the best price purchasing learning materials for my children after the Back to School sales. From 10 years of Black Friday to Cyber Monday previous sales, I got some Cyber Monday and Black Friday Homeschool Shopping Tips to share. Black Friday […]

Resources to Start, Renew, and Live Up Homeschooling

Resources to Start, Renew, and Live Up Homeschooling

It is almost the end of the school year for many homeschooling families. Some homeschooling families might have finished their target of learning, but some of them might be struggling with burning out and bored. At the same time, there are many families that have just decided to homeschool their children. They might feel excited, clueless, and […]

Why and How to Stop and Manage Anger

Why and How To Stop and Manage Anger FB

Being angry is one way to express our feeling to others. Everyone has feeling and it is not wrong to express our feeling rather than keeping it. Keeping our thought and feeling inside our mind will just make us sick sooner or later. However, too frequent anger will just make more problems for yourself, for […]

Back To School Science Kits from Educents

Hi everyone, You should know that we love science a lot, especially with the experiments and other hands on activities. Kids will be more enthusiastic in learning science with more lively materials. From the summer holiday, kids should need some science kits to get them back to the normal schooling day patch. I have just […]

Completely FREE Summer Activities with Awesome Homeschool Products

    Hi everyone, It is incredibly hot here in Surabaya. We don’t have summer as you know, but June and July are usually the peak of the hot season we have. The weather is very humid. The school year is going to finish in a week for us and for many public schools here. […]