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Top 7 Questions About Devotion Time in Homeschooling

Top 7 Questions About Devotion Time in Homeschooling

I often think that we have too many things to do in a day of homeschooling. The major subjects have been enough for us to get busy a day long. Even we sometimes don’t finish the targets of the day. How can we fit the devotion time in homeschooling? Many homeschooling families from various religions look […]

FREEBIES – Advent Copywork, 24 Days of Bible Copywork

This free advent bible verse copywork will help Christians to reflex themselves and to get ready welcoming Jesus Christ. Write with children some bible verses during the advent to prepare the spiritual Christmas with your family.

Finally, this free advent bible verse copywork is ready for all of my readers. I personally make this printables for my children and my nieces as a tool for us doing our Advent reflection. Advent is the time for us to reflex our existence as the highest creations of God who are redeemed by Jesus Christ. For […]

Welcoming Christmas with Melk, the Christmas Monkey

Who is another hero of Christmas other than Santa? Here is Melk, the Christmas Monkey who is going to help you prepare the #Christmas #ChildrenActivity

Many people are always waiting for Christmas. Talking about Christmas, I never forget how our children love Melk The Christmas Monkey. Another Christmas is always waiting on the timeline. Some people give a heavy tendency toward the spiritual preparation toward Christmas through the advent period, but others will enjoy the party preparation for the holiday […]

Refreshing My Soul in 90 Days with “And The Word Became Flesh”

Time is a great gift from God, our Creator, to spend for other’s happiness and to develop ourselves to be as close as God’s image. We should give our time under God’s hand to lead us under his will. Isn’t it too ideal? Although I cannot point out which verse in the bible that mention […]

How Do We Memorize The Scripture? Bible Memorization Made Easy is The Answer {A Review}

How Do We Memorize The Scripture? Bible Memorization Made Easy is The Answer {A Review}

There are a lot of ways to memorize the bible and here is a method to memorize the scripture. Bible Memorization Made Easy is really helpful for us to practice the method. Today I would like to share a bit religious post. However, although you might not be a Christian, you still can follow what […]

The National Bible Month 2013

September is announced as a National Bible Month for Indonesian Catholic Church. Each year it has different topic to focus on. This year topic is “Bible in the Family”. Although there are four times meeting in our cells which I don’t, we try to focus our morning sessions with bible routines. There there are some […]