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How to Say “I Love You” in 20 Different Languages

Today I would like to share a set of free flashcards of I love you in 20 different languages

Showing affection and attention to people can be in many ways. Verbal statement to say “I love you” can make people feel a flutter. Today I would like to share a set of free flashcards of I love you in 20 different languages for you and children to have fun on any occasion and especially to […]

Tips and Ideas for Choosing Family Friendly Valentine Gifts

it is not easy to figure out relevant valentine gifts for children, friends, and families. Today, I would like to share my thoughts in choosing family friendly valentine gifts and some ideas of inexpensive Valentine gifts

Many people think that Valentine’s day will only be relevant to the erotic love between lovers. Well, the concept of Valentine’s day is about love, so it is something general and can apply to all people of any age and background. There are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with children and family. Giving presents […]

10 Awkward Chinese New Year Questions to Discuss with Children

Chinese has a very old culture in the world. I found that these 10 Awkward Chinese new year questions have revealed amazing facts of the Chinese cultural event. Check them out to discuss with your Children.

Chinese new year doesn’t belong to people in China anymore. There are many Chinese living in the other parts of the world that celebrate the richly inherited Chinese new year. It is not only Chinese that celebrate the new year. With the booster of globalization, many people are interested in Chinese new year and participate […]

Tips and Resources to Celebrate The Valentine’s Day with Children

Tips and Resources to Celebrate The Valentine's Day with Children

To Celebrate the Valentine’s day with Children was considered weird when I was little. Valentine’s Day was not as popular as it is right now. My country might be late for the Valentines’s day since we are in Asia and Valentine’s day might be viewed differently across the world as there are different cultures that […]

10 Tips to Choose and Give Gifts

There is always confusion or uncertainty about which thing we would give as a present. The work will be better when you know the person closer. Here are 10 tips to choose and give gifts you will need to follow

Gifts have played important roles in some cultures from the past until present. Giving gifts is not only about culture, but it is also about attention to others. You don’t always purchase gifts with expensive price. Your attention can be shown on how appropriate you present the gift to the person. It takes a lot […]

Welcoming Christmas with Melk, the Christmas Monkey

Who is another hero of Christmas other than Santa? Here is Melk, the Christmas Monkey who is going to help you prepare the #Christmas #ChildrenActivity

Many people are always waiting for Christmas. Talking about Christmas, I never forget how our children love Melk The Christmas Monkey. Another Christmas is always waiting on the timeline. Some people give a heavy tendency toward the spiritual preparation toward Christmas through the advent period, but others will enjoy the party preparation for the holiday […]