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How to Encourage Homeschool Kids to Have Good School Work Habits

Trying to get kids to do homework can be a battle for many parents. Here are my best tips on how to encourage good homework habits in your kid.

Trying to get kids to do homework can be a battle for many parents. Sometimes we have a kid who just enjoys getting their homework done, and we don’t have to interject at all, other times we have a kid who hates homework time and refuses to just get it done. If you have a […]

Is homeschooling easier than distance learning?

There is a lot of misunderstanding and misinterpretation of homeschooling from time to time that I think will never be solved. As long as children learn at home and they don’t go to a physical school, parents usually claim that they homeschool their children. Nowadays, there are distance learning programs that people might think to […]

10 Unexpected Conditions That Can Threaten Your Homeschool

The endpoint of homeschool is being burnout. Here are 10 most common homeschool burnout triggers threatening homeschooling families.

It is not easy to stay consistent with the decision to homeschool children after going through some process of making a decision. The endpoint homeschool is being burnout. It means to stop homeschool children. After homeschooling for a decade, I can see the 10 most common homeschool burnout triggers threatening homeschool families around the world. […]

10 Differences between Homeschool and Public School

It needs a long time usually for parents to decide to homeschool their children. There are a lot of things to put as considerations. One of the aspects is about the differences between homeschool and public school. Besides that, parents will usually think about a couple of questions bellow: Why should we change to homeschool […]

Does Homeschool Guarantee Success?

There is a stereotype for some people that homeschool gives more chances for people to be more successful. Does homeschool guarantee success? #Homeschool #Success #Parenting

Parents decide to homeschool children with various reasons and backgrounds. It is not always easy to make the decision because of many factors. If you don’t have any other choice, then it will be much easier. The other choice for many people is the public or private school. Even, starting to homeschool decision is considered […]

10 Types of Extra Activities for Homeschool Children

What do your children do besides the schooling activities? Looking for extra activities for homeschool children? Here are 10 types you can look up and adapt for your children so they can they can get the best out of homeschool.

Many people think that homeschool children only spend their time at home with their family so that they don’t have any friend the meet daily. Even, some children feel bored learning at home. I remember the first time we decided to homeschool our children. We try to get around finding some outside extra activities for […]