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10 Tips to Maintain Notebooking Activities

Some people ask me how we can maintain our notebooking activities in this 4 years. Don’t you think that kids are bored in writing and making notebooks? There are some problems we have in the notebooking activities, but we still can maintain our notebooking activity until right now. Even children are familiar with the activities. […]

Notebooking Activities from The Early Childhood to The Middle School

Some friends asked me about the appropriate age for children to do the notebooking activities a couple of days ago. It just reminded me of how we have used notebooking for our son since he was 4 years old until right now with my eldest son, 16 years old. We can do notebooking activities from […]

{Printable} The Holy Week and Easter Notebooking Pages and More

Hi Everyone! It is just tomorrow that many Christians enter the holy week before they celebrate the rise of Jesus Christ next Sunday. If you are a Catholic, you should be familiar with the Holy Week. However, you don’t need to be left out if you are not since many Christians don’t count on the […]

Notebooking with The Language Arts

   Language Arts is similar to mathematics since both of them are included into the skill lessons. They are the basics to other subjects. Therefore, it is not shocking that many learners have some daily language lesson since they are young. Like mathematics, we might be confused about what kinds of notebooking activities language arts […]

Notebooking with The World History

Notebooking can be employed in any homeschooling method and with various curriculum, subjects, and resources. Learners from wide ranges of ages and grade levels can use the notebooking system with a great flexibility. Today I am going to share some experience and information about notebooking with the world history. History should not be only merely […]

Notebooking with Science

Notebooking Division Science is the favorite subject that children love. We use notebooking in science as well. There are a couple of ways we can divide the science notebooking page binder: Division Based on The Notebooking Types Theory The theory pages are usually printed reference, any cheat sheets or summary to look up in a […]