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10 Differences between Homeschool and Public School

It needs a long time usually for parents to decide to homeschool their children. There are a lot of things to put as considerations. One of the aspects is about the differences between homeschool and public school. Besides that, parents will usually think about a couple of questions bellow: Why should we change to homeschool […]

Does Homeschool Guarantee Success?

There is a stereotype for some people that homeschool gives more chances for people to be more successful. Does homeschool guarantee success? #Homeschool #Success #Parenting

Parents decide to homeschool children with various reasons and backgrounds. It is not always easy to make the decision because of many factors. If you don’t have any other choice, then it will be much easier. The other choice for many people is the public or private school. Even, starting to homeschool decision is considered […]

8 Simple Tips to Help your Child Focus Better

Having good concentration and focus skills are something that many children struggle with. This is a skill that doesn’t come naturally to all children. If you’re looking for some simple tips to help your child focus better then you’ve come to the right place. What Block Child to Focus Better There are many factors that […]

5 Habits of Highly Successful Homeschool Moms

There are some habits to develop in order to be highly successful homeschool moms. You have to tend to your motherhood, household, work, and education.

There are some habits that moms have developed in order to be highly successful homeschool moms with this lifestyle. Being a homeschool mom isn’t easy. You have to tend to your regular motherhood, household, and work duties. On the other hand, you have to educate your children as well. I have been homeschooling and working […]

Free 2019 – 2020 Back to School Sign Printables

Today I would like to share the latest version of FREE Back to School Sign Printables to welcome 2019 - 2020 school year. I hope it is not too late. Even when it is late, you still can use to catch the moment. #BacktoSchool #Printables #Homeschool

This is the second year we use Back to School Sign Printables and we would like to share our new homeschool year tradition with you. It is our 9th year of homeschooling our children and I do really hope that it will be our first year to graduate my oldest to university. This will be […]

What You Need To Know About Our Student Planner

I am extremely happy today to be able to finish and launch our student planner printable on our blog. There was fabulous welcome to our several versions of student planners that were made by myself. I don’t pay people to get the planners done. I would like to emphasize that I created all by myself. […]