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Great Notebooking Resources

To continue my previous posts about notebooking: Reasons for Notebooking Starting Narration for Notebooking I would like to share our great notebooking resources that might be helpful. Some links are affiliate links meaning, at no additional cost to you, I may get a small commission if you make a purchase. Thanks for your support in this way! Notebooking […]

References To Introduce People From Around The World

Indonesia is a rich country with about 300 different ethnics that have various cultures. Going around Indonesia from the west to the east, you will find different languages, face type, and cultures and characters. It is a never ending story. Unfortunately, we have a little introduction, reference, and experience with all of the rich people […]

Botany and Seeds, Printables

Today we have been amazed by the graceful of God through exploring his creation in our science lesson. Our new topic is botany. We use Exploring Creation With Botany — Young Explorer Series (Young Explorer (Apologia Educational Ministries)) accompanied by Botany Notebooking Journal for Exploring Creation with Botany (Young Explorer (Apologia Educational Ministries)). We really love […]

A Collection of Homeschooling Resources

Here is a list of some online homeschooling resources that I like. They can be either direct worksheet collection sites, which are either free or paid, and sites that collect links of great homeschool resources. I wish I could reorganise them better. Most them work for K-6, but there are some sites that work for […]

Human Reproductive System and Sexual Education

Human Reproductive System and Sexual Education

Sex is something natural and the subject should be introduced to children. Here are some sexual education resources for parents you might want to check out to give more appropriate sex education for children in the elementary levels and up. Time is running. Last week I was so surprised when I found some acne on […]