My Children’s Point of View About Homeschooling

My Children's Point of View About Homeschooling

In the middle of homeschooling, there is always a time for me to be not confident of taking the right way. For many times, people try to convince me that the way I have already taken is the wrong one. Even, some people asked me whether I won't feel guilty of not sending my children to school. Other people asked me what I will feel when one day kids will sue me not sending them to school. Those uncertain things often make me worried for honest.

When the feeling struck me, I often have some discussion with kids of the decision we have already taken to homeschool them. Before you read our quotes from my children's point of view about homeschooling and my thought bellow, you might visit our about us page to know our background. Here are some points that I will take a note and let my readers peek into them:

Although mommy is often angry with us, we know that you love us much better than the teachers at school.

I am not sure what kind of anger that the teachers at school has made so that my children who were pulled out of school three years ago still remember it until now. I feel that I should be the most fussy and chatty person for my children. I am also not a patient homeschooling mom either, I think. How can my children think like that. It makes me really blissful.

I have more nice friends than I was at school!

This is a very surprising statement that Tom makes. He said that he can get closer with more people from various ages at the moment. He can make friends easier right now with people he meets in the extra and church activities without boundary. This is another socialization advantages of homeschooling.

I can learn more things rather than I was at school.

I was surprized also that it seems they like the fact that we add more and deeper subjects than the school has. World history and separated language lessons make us different from school.

  • There isn't any world history at school.
  • We also have reading, writing, spelling, and “grammar” listed separately (although in fact they are connected sometimes) rather than school here that only have “English as a foreign language”.
  • We also have different kinds of arts and composer study in turns.
  • We have more unique religion, prayer, and bible time randomly.
  • We also go deeper into geography and science.

So, I admit that they are correct.

Organize my homeschool

I have times to play and to go to the garden!

My children are not included into fast learners, but they still have plenty of time to play (I try hard to minimize the electronic use). At school here they have to have test from Tuesday to Friday so that they will have to review or learn twice on subjects to be able to get good score in test. It will make children feel so exhausted without play.

We are much healthier than other kids who are easily contaminated.

I can say that this is 80% correct as one of my children is still going to school. Sometimes, the homeschooled kids are infected contaminated by the schooled kid. Anyway, they will get recovered much faster and better as we are flexible. Once kids feel not well, I get them more food and sleep so that they can recover much better. When kids went to school, unless they got a fever or hard diarrhoea , school won't question further about “sick reasons”.

The Crafty Classroom

Homeschooling means that we have more supplies to eat. I am not starved!

I just laughed out loud listening this reason. I cannot imagine how kids get starved in the classroom. In our schooling time, we have break time or snack time. It is not that we have long time to eat more, but they can search and make what they want to eat. They really love making and eating their own scrambled eggs. They love drinking and making fruit juice or milk shake. Those are unavailable at school.

We don't need to carry a lot of things to school and we don't need to walk under the hot sun.

It sounds that kids are lazy and spoiled as we don't allow them carrying heavy things and letting them walking under the sun. I just rethink about this situation. Young kids are not ready to carry heavy things like what my schooled kid does. It will just give pain to the not ready body. Walking under the sun in morning is something healthy and we often have one during the walk in the garden. On the other hand, walking under the hot sun in the midday in equator and carrying the heavy backpack for primary age kids are really torturing.

We can go for extra activities in the afternoon!

Although my children haven't accomplished great achievement objectively, looking them happy during the extra activities in the afternoon also makes me happy. It is very hard to concentrate on the extra activities in the afternoon while at the same time the schooled kids have to get alarmed by the test time the next day. I feel it is not fair for kids not to be able to develop themselves outside the academic area. In fact, it is the area where kids might make money in. Learning music, practicing sports, doing visual arts, and joining boy scout without burden will give them more skills rather than being cluttered in academic lessons most of the time.

We have more complete school supplies than schools.

This is what I do to get them enjoy artistic work and writing more. They will also be motivated to be much tidier with good colorful things rather than having only common pans and pencils. I also hope that the visual learners can get more benefits.

 I can kiss mommy anytime!

You might say that they are mommy boys. Although I don't feel that I am a good mom for them, we are very close each other. I am really sure that the childish closeness the kids show with my husband and I will change into much mature parents and sons relationship

Hearing those positive feedback from kids make us more motivated to get immersed in our homeschooling.

How do your children's view of homeschooling?

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3 thoughts on “My Children’s Point of View About Homeschooling

  1. Amy @ No Greater Honors says:

    What a blessing to read this! I think I may have to do the same thing with my children – to get their perspective of what is important to them in their day. So often I probably get muddled with what *I* think is important in their day, and it’s probably not the same! I love the part of getting to give ‘mommy kisses anytime’ – I have one child who absolutely *has* to have a hug any time she has discovered or mastered anything new – she wouldn’t get that in a public school, and it makes me sad to think of that special celebration she would be missing out on!

  2. Grace Bruce says:

    That’ s true : ” I can kiss mommy more often” 🙂 and i as his mommy can give him more hug and kiss and even praise him 🙂

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My Children's Point of View About Homeschooling

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