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8 Ultimate Tips of Choosing Homeschooling Methods

8 Ultimate Tips of Choosing Homeschooling Methods

Choosing homeschooling methods is one common question new homeschoolers or other people often ask. This question is quite hard to answer because it will take quite a long time. There are a lot of options and it is impossible to explain one by one in a very short time. The shortest answer we can give is,

Choosing homeschooling methods will depend on the children, the environment, the vision and mission, and yourself. Click to Tweet
8 Ultimate Tips of Choosing Homeschooling Methods

However, that answer will still make everyone confused instantly. Well, choosing homeschooling methods that work for your children and yourself is not that easy. We have tried several times to be more specific with certain homeschooling methods with fail. Therefore, we are included into the eclectics to certain extends

8 Ultimate Tips of Choosing Homeschooling Methods

Know The Homeschooling Methods

People with the public school mindset usually will only have limited options of teaching and learning methods. Traditional classroom or textbook and unit study are the most common methods applied in the public schools. There several homeschooling methods based on the person who created them or the characteristics. I have compiled some wonderful resources in the Ultimate Guides to Start Homeschooling. I know those are not all the homeschooling methods available in the world, but those are the most common known ones.

Read a lot of books

One way to get deper to certain homeschooling method is reading books related to the specific methods. Here are some books related to certain homeschooling methods:

  • Thomas Jefferson Methods
  • Waldorf Education
  • Charlotte Masson
  • Unschooling
  • Classical Education
  • Montessori
  • Other Methods

There are several other methods you might want to know more:

  1. Moore Formula
  2. Unit Study
  3. Traditional Text Book
  4. Eclectic
  5. etc

Get To Know Other Homeschoolers

You will know more about the homeschooling methods by getting to know with other homeschooling families. Well, no exact methods are usually implemented perfectly, but you will get some points when you see how others implement certain homeschooling methods. It will help you to make a choice for your family.

Review you homeschooling vision and mission

Homeschooling methods are just a tool you can use to achieve you vision and mission in homeschooling. There are a lot of methods, but you need to look back at your homeschooling vision and mission. Ask yourself whether the homeschooling methods are suitable or supportive toward your vision and mission. Will they help you to create the product you want or intend to achieve.

Talk with children or spouse

You might be overwhelmed and confused about the methods you know. You can discuss with you hubby or older children either directly or indirectly using the names. They might not understand what you are talking regarding the homeschooling methods. However, ask them how some ways feel like. You might give them some choice of cases involving homeschooling methods. If your children are still small, you might know how they feel by how they react in certain method you are trying to use.

Make a transition

If you want to change from one method to another, please be realistic. Make enough transition time. Don’t be too perfectionist that you try to change overnight. It will just make you disappointed and stressful. Give time for yourself and for your children to adapt the new homeschooling method. You can change subject by subject or point by point to start.


Give a few time for you to evaluate how the new homeschooling methods work in your family.

  • Does it run well or do you struggle a lot?
  • Which part of the system you need to improve and which ones that have run well?
  • Get some feedback from others, especially your children. Well, you might need to reword the questions to get their opinion.

Don’t be afraid to change

Changing is something common the world of homeschooling. If you purchase books to deal with the homeschooling method, try to get some parts or free trial for online programs. You cannot guarantee that you will be successful with the new homeschooling method. For example, you want to use the Charlotte Mason method that gives emphasize in reading the living books. Don’t purchase boxes of living books at once. I am not going to let you pessimistic, but you will not know if the method is going to work well with you.Unfortunately, the method does work well with your children

If certain methods don’t work well with your children and yourself, don’t be discouraged to change. Of course, you need to try hard to keep what you have decided. However, if you really have to struggle a lot, don’t torture yourself and your children. It will just let you to  burnt out.

The first time I read a pile of books looking for the various homeschooling methods, I thought that Charlotte Mason was the best one, for honest. I was thinking hard how to apply the method to our sons. Then, I tried it with them. Well, I need to pull my hair to get them read and write the narration. It took longer time to get the boys doing narration. At the same time, we had some pressure to include some national compulsory subjects in our homeschool. Then, we just changed to be an eclectics

No Best Homeschooling Method

There are many debates between one homeschooling method to others. A couple of moms might spend a lot of time to do the useless debate disputing the best homeschooling method in the world. Each child is unique as well as the family and the environment surrounding. One method might grow well in a family, but the other family will feel more comfortable using the other method. I would like to say that there isn’t any right or wrong in choosing the homeschooling methods.

Homeschool Choices

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