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Why Do Christians Need Advent Family Devotions?

Why Do Christians Need Advent Family Devotions


Christmas is usually a time for parties, sales, music, shopping and performance. There are also many people that go to church, do some charity, and other social community activities. However, There are just small number of people do some Advent family devotion preparing the birthday of Baby Jesus that have started the salvation covenants.

Tie up the family bound

Doing a family devotion is a time to go further and dig deeper through each family member. The communication that we usually do in our daily life  with our family might not be very deep. You might talk to your husband and children, but can you dig their thought in the daily context? A devotion usually demands the members to speak up their deeper mind and to share it with others.

Reveal the history of human salvation

Some advent devotions reveal the history of human salvation by using topics on the ancestors of Jesus Christ. This is very interesting that God has already chosen various characters before Jesus Christ was born. It exemplify us to be able to respect people from any background God has done it before.

To do such kind of devotion, the Jesse tree would be the best activity. It is a traditional advent activity to read a bible story for 24 days (usually), tracing for Jesus’ ancestors since the creation days or Adam and Eve to Christ.

  1. You read with your family the story from bible
  2. you might use the advent wreath
  3. Ornaments symbolizing each period of the ancestors can be put up on a paper tree
  4. You might use hymns to accompany
  5. A reflection of each stage will be great.

Lessons of being grateful

I might have been mixed up with the Thanksgiving, but I tell you what, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here. The attitude of being grateful is not only on the  thanksgiving day. Advent is also a time of being grateful to be able to welcome baby Jesus in our heart after the long history of salvation.

As a family we show our gratitude toward our family condition, whatever it feels and looks like, both in happiness and in sadness.

Retreat from a more noisy world

If you could have a retreat with others, why couldn’t you have a retreat with your family? A retreat is really needed regularly to rebuild up ourselves. It doesn’t have to be an overnight outside the town retreat, but it can be done daily with our family inside the house.

The quiet atmosphere of a family devotion will give us more peaceful and religious mind so that we can think much clearer afterward.

Giving example to children

Doing a family devotion in the advent will give example for children to maintain the advent tradition (if you have one) to prepare our heart welcoming the baby Jesus who was born in a very poor condition rather than in a luxurious party time. The religious preparation will emphasize the humble and simplicity of Christ birthday. There are a lot of values we can learn from the nativity that we can learn.

Evaluation to our life

An advent family devotion in almost the end of the year will give a chance for your family to evaluate what has happened during the year. You might evaluate whether you have imply the life value of Christianity during the year. Think further if your action as individuals and family has reflected the purpose of human salvation through the presence of Jesus Christ.

Activities Suggestions

Here are some activities for you and your family to have some spiritual Christmas preparation during the Advent

Tips on the Advent Family Devotions

Here are some tips on doing Advent family devotions. Please click the picture


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