Classical Education is a Life Education

Classical Education is a Life Education

Surviving with classical education method in the modern life might make many people laugh at us. As you know, we are an eclectic homeschool family. On the other hand we have more tendency to adopt the classical education methods. If you want to read more about our classical thinking, please read the posts bellow:

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Memorization has been one characteristic of the classical education that people still doubt the importance of it. Although memorization sounds very boring and dry to most people, we still need this classical skill in our daily life.

  • The poetry memorization has given us a lot of message of life. The message might be old fashioned, but there has been a lot of famous people living in those ages that adopt the classical message and being successful. Enriching our mind with the memorized poems will give us wider perspective of life.
    There are a lot of ways to memorize the poem, starting from copy working, oral reciting, grouping the poem lines day by day, etc.
  • Scripture verse memorization is another great resources for life education. Education is not merely about academic, but the guidance of life is very important for everyone. Adopting the verses into songs is one alive idea to memorize the verse

The memorization skills are very important for further education levels and also in daily life activities such as memorizing the grocery shopping list, organization events, time management, etc.

Copy Work

Copy working is another boring activities for most children including myself when I was at school. Copy works at home and at school are really different in the past and present. Copy work in my school was about facts and subjects that were not available in the textbooks, but the copy work in our homeschool is about about scripture and poem which are really rich in message.

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By doing copy work we can train the concentration and patience in real life. Copy working demands us to trace and follow words by words to get the work finished. We are also trained to be able to memorize the words before they are written down.

Copy work in real life is found a lot in the administration and arts work. Training copy working since kids are little will be useful for further education level.

The Crafty Classroom


Dictation is like a spouse of copy working in the classical education. I think dictation is not only used in the classical education methods, but it is just stereotypically belongs to the classical education. Dictation involve a repetition of listening, copying, memorizing and writing. The process is done sequentially over and over again to make it as a habit.

Here are some examples of dictation as a life educational skill are:

  1. There are a lot of activities using dictation, such as participation in a lecture or a seminar. Having a dictation habit will ease learners to take a note of the content of those activities more easily.
  2. Dictation skill grown habit will train the coordination of listening, memorizing, and motor which are used in many occupation in the future life, such as being a waiter, being an administrator officers in stages, being a homemaker, etc.
  3. Dictation will train accuracy based on the language arts principles. Missing out some parts of the dictated sentences doesn't mean that you have the dead end, but learners can use her knowledge of language arts to finish the sentence.

Some kinds of reward or point system will challenge learners to do anything more seriously but fun. Playing role of a waiter will also make the dictation lesson feel more alive.

Greek and Ancient Literatures in the Modern Arts

One characteristic of classical education is the involvement of some greek and other ancient literatures, including mythologies. The existence of Ancient literatures has been adopted a lot in many entertainment media in the modern world. There are a lot of movies, stories and visual art works inspired by the ancient literatures. They tells us a lot of morale messages that become the basic principles of modern days science and philosophies.

Modifying the Ancient literature for the modern people can be done in many different ways:

  1. Using some creative drama equipped with costumes and accessories will give warm introduction toward the classical literatures
  2. Listening to the audio recording of the ancient literature will give more various method of literature introduction.
  3. Changing the story into a different form such as making comics of classical literature.

The Latin Foot Print

Honestly, we don't have any latin lessons at all in our homeschooling due to the expensive delivery of the resources. I wish we could have a chance to have Latin as one of the subjects we have.  However, here are some reasons I heard from my homeschoolers to have Latin in their homeschool class of English language and how Latin can be thought as a life education.

  1. English language has very close family with Latin as there are a lot of English words derived from the Latin language. Therefore, learning Latin means adding more established English words.
  2. Learning Latin can be used in the future as a basic of many vocabularies met in Science since Latin is considered as a dead language.
  3. Learning Latin can give Catholic learners understand better Latin Catholic Hymns at church so that they can comprehend the meaning behind.

The Trivium in Action

The concept of trivium can give parents more information preparing their children to each stage of trivium so that children can go through the life stage more easily. I have just experienced how challenging it is to guide my son coming into the logic stage. It is great that the classical education philosophy has provided some clue how to deal with the transition. I can adjust his academic with his emotional and physical growth better.

World History Forecaster

World  history has been one trade mark of the classical education method. It sounds like a very old fashioned subject to learn. Well, it is not a secret anymore that many politicians use the history information and knowledge to make a decision orged to make regarding the modern world problems. Therefore, I can say that the world history has important roles in forecasting what will happen in the present and future. The negative things happened in the past can be used to prevent it happens in the future life. It is a kind of warning for human being in the real life. The positive achievement in the past can be used to increase what we have in the present. There are some ways to make the world history becomes a life education. Here are some examples for the middle year learners.

  1. Analyzing the wars on Earth can be very useful to get learners find out similarities of cause and result of wars
  2. Comparing the growth of ancient civilization can get learners trace the similarities with how the modern countries are born
  3. Comparing the modern and the historical maps can get learners understand better how the story can change and give effects to the modern life.

There are so many ways to show the Classical Education is a Life Education. Therefore, we cannot underestimate the importance of the classical education in the modern day life. More and more creativities are demanded to make it happens.

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3 thoughts on “Classical Education is a Life Education

  1. Amy says:

    I love how you brought together some of the importance of a classical education for today. I’m sorry to hear that you can’t get Latin resources =( Isn’t there anything online that you could use? I know Classical Academic Press has some online resources, but it’s probably not enough to really learn it…

  2. Carol says:

    Hi Adelien, I found your blog via Amy’s link up. We’re in Australia and when we first started home education it wasn’t common at all. Now it is an option that most people would know about. Re Latin. We started with ‘Getting Started with Latin by William Linney. Found it at which delivers worldwide. Then there is a free option that this author has put online & which uses a book that may be downloaded for free:
    The author has answered emails I’ve sent and has been very helpful. My 14 tr old son is using this at present & it’s working well.
    Good to meet a close ‘neighbour.’

    • Adelien says:

      Oh, how I thank you so much for the precious information. Living in Indonesia sounds very isolated from the international worlds. Thank you for sharing and for stopping by.

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