Community Helper Coloring Pages

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As a social creature, human being cannot be separated from the community. That is a basic concept that all people around the world need to know, including our children. They also need to know about people that have already helped the community to function well, the community helpers. Coloring the community helper pictures can be one activity to introduce children to the community helpers.

Compiling some community helper coloring pages can be time consuming. We provide a set of Community Helper Coloring Pages to use arts in the community helper units.

choose1There are 24 items on 8 pages included in this set:

  1. businessman
  2. business woman
  3. farmer
  4. fisherman
  5. forest ranger
  6. lifeguard
  7. miner
  8. oil worker
  9. ski guide
  10. tour guide
  11. waiter
  12. waitress
  13. chef
  14. crossing guide
  15. detective
  16. doctor
  17. firefighter
  18. mail man
  19. mechanic
  20. nurse
  21. policeman
  22. teacher
  23. trash collector
  24. vet

choose1There is a word tracing activity for the name of the community helpers in each of the coloring page.


You might use the coloring activity as an enrichment for some levels of learning, from K-2.

choose1This is a digital product so that people around the world can get it very easily without shipping fee. Once payment has been done, a download link will be sent directly to the email address that is used for purchasing this product. Keep the file securely and you might use it anytime you want.

Community Helper Coloring Pages contain 24 images or community helpers and the labels to trace. They will help parents and teachers to introduce community helpers to learners.

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