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Desert Unit Study Resources

Desert Unit Study Resources

The deserts are a hard warning from the nature so that we can act immediately to prevent the destruction process. There are a lot of living creatures that survive well with just limited environment. Therefore, learning about desert will make us amazed about the wonderful adaptation, relationship, and habits of the plants and animals in the challenging habitat.

Living in the desert habitat is much different and even it is very contrast to living in the rainforest that we shared previously. It really enriches the children knowledge to exploring the deserts. Today, we would like to share some resources to explore the mystery of the deserts and The Desert Notebooking Pack that we have just published. We hope that your exploration about desert will be more engaging and indept using the informationa and the tool.

Online Information about The Desert

Missouri Botanical Garden – Biomes of The World

This site contains some short information on deserts: what they are, where they are located, and the plants and animals which live in them. There are also charts about the types of the desert with the location and the related plants/animals.

Desert Profile – National Geographic

Here are some photo gallery, green guide, environmental news, and some quizes about the desserts. There will be some recent information about the condition of deserts in some places of the world. As usual, National Geography always has great images to help learners explore the deserts more enjoyably.

Dune and Other Desert Features

I found this website gives a lot of focuse on the features of deserts. I have never learnt about the features of deserts as many as the list here. I know that there should be more of them, but the information I found here is not difficult to comprehend and they also made me amazed to the creation of God.

Desert USA

It is clearly stated that the title of this website is Desert USA. There are a lot of recent and evergreen information about deserts in the USA. However, some of the information given is applicable to a lot of deserts in the world. The information about the animals and the plants are quite detail.

Wikipedia – Desert

Although the format of the information is just common, the Wikipedia provided the basic information about deserts. If your children feel really enthusiastic about desert, you might redesign the information to be given to the age-appropriate children.

Deserts of The World – Exploring Nature

This website is basically paid to subscribe. If you and your children are very enthusiastic about the desert topic, you might subscribe to the blog.

Desert Map of The World

There are more and more numbers of desert around the world. This site shows the location of deserts which are spread out around the world in any climate. It means that deserts can be formed in any latitude in the world. Therefore, people should take care of the planet Earth so that we can be avoided from the desertification.

Alice Spring Desert Park

Australia has also a famous desert where a lot of unique animals and plants live. There are also some Aborigin people that can survive well in the dry desert. This is an interesting interactive website about the Alice Spring desert with a lot of features that make us amazed.

Books Resources

We use references for exploring all habitats to get more comprehensive information. However, it is much better to add more specific both fiction and nonfiction books dealing with certain habitat, desert in this case. Here are some book resources we would like to recommend.


First Nature Encyclopedia (Dk First Reference)

We use this book as a spine for learning some habitats. The language is simple and there are a lot of pictures. Children from age 7 to 12 love this book a lot.






Earth Matters: An Encyclopedia of Ecology

As it is an encyclopedia of ecology, this book provides more accurate information for children age 7 to 12 with smaller fonts than the previous book. The food chain of each biome is shown very clearly. It also has vivid picture for each biome.





Encyclopedia of Animals

The title of the book doesn’t show anything about habitats, but there are some chapters about biomes that help us to connect the animals to the related biomes.





Rainforest Books

Life in the Desert (Habitats around the World)

It sounds impossible to live in the dry deserts. However, many animals have different ways to live in the hard environment. Reading this book to children will let them know the ways animal live in the deserts.




Why Oh Why Are Deserts Dry?: All About Deserts (Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library)

I love to read this book. This book is excellent to introduce the desert life mystery to the younger children aged K-2. The Cat in the Dr. Seuss books get the children know the life in the desert.




Desert Giant: The World of the Saguaro Cactus (Tree Tales)

In the Rainforest, there are Kapok Trees. In the desert, Saguaro Cactus is the king of the desert plants. This story shows how living things depends on this plant in the desert.





Desert Giant: The World of the Saguaro Cactus (Tree Tales)

Here is another book by Gail Gibbons about habitat. Of course, you should not miss this series if you are fans of Gail Gibbons.





Desert Night Desert Day

When we watch most movies, deserts are only shown when it comes to the daylight. Rarely the movies show the night life of desetd. The book has wonderful pictures that help learners with the introduction to the nocturnal and diurnal animals live in the deserts.




Cactus Hotel (An Owlet Book)

Cactus has a lot of benefits for many animals in the deserts. This book is intended for children from the Kindergarten to Grade 2 aged levels. They will be surprised by the roles of cactus in the desert biomes.






One Hundred One Questions About Desert Life

Like the title, this book will give some common and amazing facts about deserts answering the 101 questions. This book will be more suitable for children 6-12 years old. It has smaller fonts.




Danger In The Desert

Follow the adventure of Scott and Robbie who are kidnapped and left in the hot desert of Arizona without food and water. They have a challenging adventure in the desert to know a lot of living creatures in the desert. This book is intended for children aged 9-12. Reading the book will bring the desert life vivid.





There are a lot of ways of exploring the rainforests. It is not only about the earth science, but it is also about the arts, geography, and the geology.

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The Deserts Notebooking Pack

To help children documenting the desert exploration, we just created The Desert Notebooking Pack. It is a degital product. We hope that it would be a blessing for you and your children. Check it out by clicking the cover picture bellow:


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