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End of School Year Summer at Family Fun Friday

The end of school year is identical with summer for most countries. It is a refreshment time for children and parents. Get some ideas at Family Fun Friday.

The end of school year is identical with summer for most countries. It is a refreshment time for children and parents. Get some ideas at Family Fun Friday.

The hot weather in summer will make children reluctant to open their work. Therefore, it is better to make the summer as the point to finish a learning period. Here are some activities you can do in the summer school:

  1. Some educational field trips with children will refresh your thought.
  2. Date with your children will be great as well to make close bonding.
  3. Decluttering things should never be skipped
  4. Fun activities with less screen time should be arranged well
  5. Make some memories in pictures or photos will be fun.​
  6. Evaluation and reflection are things you have to do.
  7. Activities in the nature or vacations will be great as well.
  8. Activities with other communities, such as camping or bible study will give kids new experience to know more people. Besides, parents can rest back.
  9. Fewer and shorter lessons with kids with fun and hands on activities will make them learn more enthusiastically.
  10. Some visits to other relatives or friends for playdates will be wonderful.

What do you do at the end of school year in the summer? Here are ours:

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Today, I am very happy to share with you some wonderful tips and lists of end of school year summer activities from some blog posts in Family Fun Friday link up party I love.

If you are new to Family Fun Friday, let me explain. Each week my friends, Monica, Adrian, Herschel and I throw this link party. We invite other bloggers to our blogs to share their best family friendly posts. These are some wonderful articles from around the web in the following categories: Encouraging Posts for Moms, Recipes, Family Fun, Craft and Homeschooling. We then pick our favorites and feature them during the next week’s link party. Take a look around and visit some of our awesome blogging friends.
If you are looking for the best tips, links, resources, freebies and more – you’ve come to the right place! Family Fun Friday is all about connecting as a family. We feature great ideas for family fun, and things to help moms get things done so they have more time to spend doing what they love to do – be with family! Welcome to our community!

End of School Year Summer at Family Fun Friday

From last week, I would like to feature these posts:

End of School Year Summer at Family Fun Friday

  1. 50 Amazing and Engaging Screen Free Activities For Kids at Mama of Many Blessings.
    I really enjoy this post. End of school year is identical with the holiday or summer. Children often claim their freedom during this period. Reading this post, my children gets more inspiration to reduce their screen time. Instead, they want to do more physical and thinking activities.
  2. Pre school Yearbook with Mixbook at Nap Time Creations.
    The year book looks very cool. It gives me an inspiration to make one for my children. It will be an evergreen memory for them when they are growing up. I wish I live in the US so I can get it printed and bound.This is a really cool stuff to do at the end of the school year.
  3. How to Peacefully Transition Your Child from School to Homeschool at There is No Place Like Home.
    At the end of the school year, there are many parents that are planning to start homeschooling, especially for those who has experienced schooling in the public school. This is a great post to give readers more perspective on how to do the transition.
  4. How Do You Measure Homeschool Success from Embark on The Journey
    This is the end of our school year and it is the time to do some reflection and evaluation. This awesome post gives me great materials to do deeper thought measuring the success in our homeschool.
  5. How To Host an Awesome End of The School Year Date with Your Child at Your Vibrant Family
    Yay… School year celebration! This is a great idea to have fun with children at the end of the school year. It will give more appreciation and refreshment from the past school year. At the same time, we are building closer bonding with them.
  6. A Unique New York City Educational Adventure Guide at World Travelling
    It is the end of the school year for us. Having some educational trip is one way to make the summer break more meaningful. Seems New York is a wonderful place.

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