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7 Rituals at The End of Year Homeschooling Organization

End of Year Homeschooling organization is very important to boost the enthusiasm and to improve homeschooling process in the next year.

End of Year Homeschooling organization is very important to boost the enthusiasm and to improve homeschooling process in the next year. This is the End of Year in our academic homeschooling. It means that we are doing our 7 rituals in the end of year homeschooling organization. At the same time, it is going to be our summer break soon. We will have some lessons around the break. However, this is the time for us to charge up our energy, to declutter things we don’t need to keep from last years, and other rituals that we have done

7 Rituals at The End of Year Homeschooling Organization

End of Year Homeschooling Organization

We Put Away Things

There isn’t any benefit of keeping these things bellow as we are not going to look them up anymore in the future. Keeping them will only make the space crowded. It will be better to have new things to replace them.


Worksheets will include any practice on photocopied paper. They are usually taken from workbooks. Well, I rarely give our children the original workbook, but we usually copy them for our own personal use.

The beauty of the knowledge and outcomes are usually not from worksheets. Keeping them will just make our space crowded as well. If there are some excellent or special items, I prefer to keep a few in the memory box or the big binder as a part of notebooking pages. We might keep some copy works with decoration and meaningful result or content.

Drilling Practice

Who will look back at the drilling practice? Keeping this will just make the space full. Children do written drilling practice to get familiar with the concept. Once they are fluent with the concept, it is better to throw away the drilling practice.

Scrap Paper

Well, we use one-sided printed paper for our scrap paper. Any worksheet that has only one side printed will be used as our scrap paper. We use scrap paper in mathematics mostly. Kids need to write their calculation in the scrap paper. Therefore, used up scrap paper will not be able to use anymore.

Worn out Stationary

In the past, I keep these worn out stationary for kids to use later on after I fix them. However, it ended up to more crowded space for us. I didn’t have time to fix them up. Therefore, I will throw away:

  • Short Pencils
  • Dry Markers or Pens
  • Broken Rulers

We Keep Things

Notebooking Pages

After 5 years of homeschooling our children, I feel really grateful that we use notebooking pages to document their work. They are the things to leave a memory for us. We like enjoying the pages which my children have made in the past.

We will never keep their notes in “just notebooks”.

  1. The books will look worse with the time running and finally, we will throw them. Even when we have covered and decorated them.
  2. We can keep together all of the notebooking pages in one binder, while it will be harder to keep the traditional notebooks in one storage tidily.
  3. We can decorate the notebooking pages more easily and flexibly than the traditional notebook.
  4. We cannot insert pages between other pages in the traditional notebook.

Textbooks and Teacher Books

Textbooks and teacher books are kept for the sibling use next year. We always use the copied books for our own purpose based on the terms of condition.

Record Keeping

We keep all of the test and other proof of learning achievement or samples for the documentation in case we need it when the government asks.

Flash Cards

Any flash cards and presentation are kept together so our relatives or other siblings can use them in the future. Well, we still have younger relatives who are homeschooled. Otherwise, we give them away to other homeschooling families in the support groups.

We Organize The Notebooking Pages

I have not notebooking binding for the past 3 years. I just put them in the binder as they were, based on the subjects and years. Can you imagine how many binders I have? Finally, I was in trouble since we don’t have any more space to put new binders for the next school year. Therefore, I change our end of year notebooking page organization.

  1. I put all useful pages with the same subject from different grades into one bundle.
  2. I put all of the subjects in three years into one super thick 2 ringed binder.
  3. Therefore, I need to make 2 holes in all pages that have had 3 holes.
    I change into 2 holes so that the ripped holes are not used in the new super thick binder.

End of year Notebooking page Organization

We Evaluate Our Homeschool

We always think about what we have done. Kids are growing and now they can do an evaluation with us. I ask them one by one

  1. Why they want to be homeschooled
  2. If they want to return to the public school
  3. What they have done
  4. How they can improve

Before I could talk with them, I discuss with my husband.

Besides, I will do some written recording for

  1. their academic achievements
  2. field trip evaluation
  3. books they read
  4. curriculum review
  5. extra activities they did
  6. chores/household duty evaluation
  7. character development evaluation

To do so, I use a wonderful planner yearly, Homeschool End of Year Evaluation. This planner set really meets our need. I don’t need to create a new one. Click the image below to check out:

Life of a Homeschool Mom

We Start Planning

We don’t have too long holiday, especially for me. I will have just around a week holiday from teaching with children. Then, I need to start planning for the next year. This year I am also using an online homeschooling planner. I spend around 2 weeks to plan for our 3 children. At the same time, I usually refresh myself with some homeschooling organization courses. This year, I joined the homeschool organization course that is hosted by my friend, Kimberly Sorgius at NotConsumed. You might check out the features of the courses. Click the picture bellow:

At the same time, kids will start planning for their summer break activities.

We Reorganize Extra Activities

The summer break is also the time to reorganize the extra activities. We reevaluate their achievement in the recent extra activities they have and ask them how they can improve, if they need to change the schedule, and if they want to try other things.

We Celebrate

The most important thing, we celebrate our end of year.

  1. We pray to thank God for our year before we eat together as a big family.
  2. We go together to have fun in the summer break.

What are your end of year homeschool organization rituals? You might share with us in the comment.

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    This was a great blog. I was looking for ways to organize our end of the year paperwork and it is SO smart that you use a 2-hole punch. Thanks!

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