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10 Essential Equipments to Homeschool High School More Organized and Easier

We need to support learners more individual and deliberated study equipment. Check out equipments to homeschool high school more organized and easier.

Homeschoolers are free to choose their standard of curriculum and equipments to help them homeschool. Even some homeschooling families don’t use purchased curriculum to some extends in their teaching and learning process. Instead, they create their own own curriculum to customize children’s needs. However, after our 2 children’s homeschool graduation, I have just aware that there are some equipments to homeschool high school more organized and easier.

Why we provide adequate equipment to homeschool high school

Homeschooling the younger children is not easier than homeschooling high school learners. However. it is much more flexible than homeschooling high school. High school learners are usually more serious in most parts of the world. It has more formal requirements in demand by the official government. This is normally the final “school education” which gives options for learners whether they decide to continue with the college or the real life works.

Due to the more serious subjects to cover, the higher study skill levels, and the naturally more independent spirit, it will be great to support high school learners more individual and deliberated study equipment.

  • First of all, they will feel more comfortable for being considered as “more mature” learners.
  • These equipments will have more effective functions to support the start-to-be adult learners more organized in time and space.
  • The tools will help high school works more independently with their more advanced learning materials.
We need to support learners more individual and deliberated study equipment. Check out equipments to homeschool high school more organized and easier.

10 Essential Equipment to Homeschool High School

High school ages should be the nearly end of teenage era for some learners. In this case, they are growing up to be more independent and mature learners. Thus, they will need more versatile equipment to help them. Here are 10 essential equipment to homeschool high school.


Using planners are not specifically for homeschool moms only. You can help children to work on their time management The best way to teach them to use planners is to give them example by yourself. You don’t need to wait until children step on their high school level to start using planners. The earlier children are used to planners, it would be better.

As for high school learners, there are more things they have to work on in their academic area than what they had before. In addition, there will be more real-life tasks, events, routines, and appointments waiting for them in the future. Thus, the use of planners will be essential for high school learners to ease their works and to organize their life.

Wall Board

Keeping all of the schedule and cheat sheets in piles will make them lost and forgotten more easily than putting them into displays on a wall board. Wall boards might sound common for adults working area, but it will be verry useful for homeschool high school.

High school learners, especially those who are homeschooled, are urged to work and learn more independently. Besides planners, displaying to-do lists, cheat sheets, routines is very important. In this way, wall boards will be very useful for them


There are more text books to work on high school levels if learners prefer to use hard copy than the digital copy. For any learning style your high school learners belongs to, the use of highlighter is crucial:

  1. Highlighter can show the progress the learning materials to cover. By looking at the highlighted words learners has, as a homeschool parent, we will know which concept, terms, or key words learners have understood or covered.
  2. Highlighting will ease learners to pick up the points to explore, present, or narrate (if they take a note or do narration)

Colorful Gel Pens

Colorful fine markers or gel pens might replace the functions of highlighter above. However, it will be more helpful for

  1. Note taking and notebooking activities with different colors will feel like doing art works. Reviewing and recalling should be much easier, especially for those who are visual learners.
  2. Working with the diagrams and doodles is fun to do with colorful fine markers or gel pens as well.
  3. The textbooks will look brighter, instead of gloomy and torturing for high school learners.

Stencils and Rulers

Reading thick textbooks, article, and handouts full with black and white words is not fun at all. Stencils can help high school homeschoolers to learn better by summarizing the words into diagrams or outlines faster. They also can make learners more confident in drawing some concepts.

You can purchase a set of basic geometry rulers to supports high school mathematics and science. On the other hand, there are also some cute simple shape rulers which look like stencils. They will be as good as stencils’ functions

Voice Recorder

There are somme times when high school learners are bored with writing and visual works. Voice recorders are useful for:

  1. Recording oral narration that can replace a notebook
  2. Doing interview to alive resources
  3. Recording presentation or online video classes that learners can access by listening after that.

Cheat Sheets

There are so many things to cover to homeschool high school as it is nearly the end of the compulsory education in most countries. Lists of important facts and formula will be very useful because learners can review and recall them to apply to more complicated problems, questions, and conditions. Learners don’t have to put piles of books or notes to prepare exams. They don’t need to browse Google every time they need to get the facts.

There are many ways you can get cheat sheets to homeschool high school:

  1. Purchase
  2. Create lapbooks
  3. Notebooking page activity

Mind Map

Mind map is a great way to explore and expand subjects, ideas, and facts. Mind map is a diagram to organize information in hierarchy and to show relationship between pieces of information. Mind map is usually started in the middle of a blank paper or board. Next, the ideas branch out from the main idea to the smaller ideas (taken from Wikipedia)

Using mind map, learners can work on concepts more systematically in any field of study. Mind map can ease learners to recall, memorize, review, and expand ideas.

Learners can present their mind maps as creative as they can with a lot of alternatives of media. Personally, I use MindMeister to work on all the blog posts I have written. There are a lot of templates suitable for all learners in any levels. It is available from the free to business plans.

Mind Maps

Thicker or hard covered Notebooks

Working on high school mathematics and science will need more written practice. When language can type, it sounds very complicated to be paperless for those lessons. Thus, thick exercise notebooks will be useful considering the more complicated materials high school levels have.

Reading and Score Logs

The use of reading and score logs is more crucial in homeschool high school, due to the transcription demanded from the government. You can use either manual or digital tools to make score list to homeschool high school.

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