7 Essential Things for A Homeschooling Mom

I find some great things that are very helpful for me to run our homeschooling. You might have a different opinion, but here are my 7 essential things for a homeschooling mom need to have with reasons for that.

What do you need to start a homeschooling? That is a question I often heard from many parents. Well, every family has a different standard in homeschooling their children as each family with its children are unique. However, I find some great things that are very helpful for me to run our homeschooling. You might have a different opinion, but here are my 7 essential things for a homeschooling mom need to have with reasons for that.

Essential things for a Homeschooling Mom

Mental and Spiritual Readiness

This is the most important requirement for every homeschooling mom must have. You don't need to be a graduate and a certified teacher to be able to homeschool your children, but you just need to be ready and want to be aware of the consequences for being a homeschooling mom:

  • Meeting your children more than other moms who send children to school is unavoidable
  • Having less time for yourselves
  • Educating yourselves is a must
  • etc.

Here are some posts that might lead you to know the condition that you need to be ready to deal with:

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Some Examples of Daily Homeschooling Disturbance

Homeschooling doesn't always run smoothly and you might also find that it is not the best choice for your children. There is a time that you might want to get burnt out. You need to be ready for those facts and try to find ways to prevent the worst.

Organize my homeschool

Homeschooling Planner

Planners will be very helpful for controlling your days. For any homeschooling methods, the use of planner will be significant when you use it consistently so that it will put things on the right place and the right time.Children and parents will be able to get their portion of learning.

Planner should not limit your learning. Although you have children delight directed learning, it would be more helpful for them to know the process and sequence of their learning so that children will have more control toward their learning.

The Crafty Classroom

I find that every homeschool mom needs planning, even when you cannot running your homeschooling smoothly based on your plan. However, not all homeschooling family have the same standard of planning. Some families prefer detail planning while others prefer the short and simple one. There are also some traditional planner that use pen and paper, but there are also electronic and/or online homeschooling planner available at this moment. This year we use the Homeschool Planet to manage our multiple aged learners.

Tools and Storages

It is a huge point to talk about as there is a range of variety for every homeschooling family to own. Once again, it depends on your standard and expectation. Here is a link to some tools and storages we love. We have already owned those tools and storages and we still find that they are still useful for us until right now. Who knows that they will inspire you.

Good Internet Connection

Living in a modern days without library and any natural place, the internet connection is very crucial since it makes us possible to

  1. Get resources from overseas, both the digital and the printed forms much easier.
  2. Be connected to other homeschoolers around the world
  3. Participate in online classes
  4. Work at home. This is absolute as I am a blogger too, of course.

Digital Resource Access

Beside the good internet connection, we also need some gadgets to access the digital resources in some different forms.

  1. The computer is the main station for the digital resource access. It is the station for all devices we have.
  2. Some smartphones to get kids easily watch out their weekly schedulers, read some pdf files, and listen to some audio files. They also have some friends to contact using their smartphone.
  3. Kindle is very useful for us to read the digital resource without any distraction
  4. Both Android tablets and iPad have great supportive application and digital resource readers.
  5. A family laptop is for us to use in mobile.

Homeschooling Network

Getting connected to other homeschooling families, support groups, or communities is a must for me. Encouragement and other information sharing is important for every homeschooling moms. Homeschooling families are minority in many places of the world. It gives parents more responsibility in the educational life of their children. There are a lot of challenges and temptation that are needed to be controlled. You might hold the burden by yourself with your partner or husband, but getting connected to other homeschoolers will make the burden lighter. You might see what others have experienced and ask for their ideas or advice.

In Addition, getting connected in a homeschooling network will help you to minimize the burn out of homeschooling.

Transportation Facilities

This point is a must have for us. As a homeschooling family who live in a city, we do need transportation life for kids to get mobile. I don't say that a homeschooling family has to have private vehicle like car and motorcycle more frequently to go out of the house. They can can access the public facilities as well.

The need of other families who live in the village will certainly different from us, but they still need the transportation facilities to get them to different society and environment. The transportation facilities are not in forms of vehicles, but they can also be in a form of proper roads for them to walk to other places. The homeschooling will be bored if you cannot go outside the house.

What are your essential things in homeschooling your children?

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I find some great things that are very helpful for me to run our homeschooling. You might have a different opinion, but here are my 7 essential things for a homeschooling mom need to have with reasons for that. #homeschool #ihsnet

One thought on “7 Essential Things for A Homeschooling Mom

  1. Christa Brown says:

    Hi Adelien! I love all of your “must haves” for homeschooling. Computer, internet, printer, and mental readiness all a must! An hour to just be by yourself with a good cup of coffee while you prepare your mind for the day will get you far! I’ve never used a planner, but maybe I should. I normally just fly by the seat of my pants!

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