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25 Things To Do To Explore The Picture Story Books

25 Things To Do To Explore The Picture Story BooksIt was 15 years ago that I was introduced to the picture books. They were colorful books with pictures and bigger letters to read. I was a teacher in an elementary school partnering with some expatriates from Australia and New Zealand. I was confused what I should do in reading and working with the picture books with the elementary students. For me those books would be suitable with the kindergarten children. I forgot when the last time I read picture books in my childhood before. I think that I started reading books with some black and white illustration when I was in grade 2. In grade 3, I read books with very few illustration on it. There weren’t any colorful picture books available in the local book stores when I was little. My teachers and parents didn’t show any picture books to read. Even they had a tendency to forbid it since they said that picture books were only for children who cannot read or for those who are slow learners or slow readers. Since the day I was introduced to the picture story books, I changed my mind about the importance of elementary graders or the grammar stage children to explore the picture story books.

Reasons to Explore the Picture Story Books

Give Time For Children to Speak Up

There are less words in the picture story books than the “normal” either the middle or high schoolers. The pictures still dominate the whole books. Even, some story books have pictures only. When you think that picture story books are dealing with words only, you are totally wrong. You might spend less than 5 minutes to read the words or the story. However, the essence of the picture story books is NOT usually in the words, but the pictures. [Tweet “The essence of the picture story books is NOT usually in the words, but the pictures.”] The picture exploration will give time for children to speak up their mind.

Build The Visual Arts Interest

Each picture story book has unique styles of illustration that will inspire children to be creative in visual arts. Picture books are also great to attract children with the visual things. Children will be interested either with the pictures or  the stories. Don’t be disappointed when yo find children don’t want to pay attention on the words. They will be attracted one day after they are amazed by the visual illustration.

Pay Attention to Details

We cannot under estimate the picture story books for elementary grade children. The picture will lead children to pay attention to the details. You might not be able to finish a picture story books at once.

Learn Other than Reading

Picture story books are not only about reading and language arts skills. We can learn visual arts, maths, presentation skills, etc

25 Things To Do To Explore The Picture Story Books

Anyway, I was very surprised how I love reading and doing a lot of things with the pictures books. I found that children from grade 1-6 enjoyed reading the picture books and doing the activities related to it. Therefore, today I would like to share with everyone what I did with the picture books and the children

General Reading Comprehension

  • Discussion
  • Cloze Reading

Literature Components

  • Bookmarks for plot study
  • Share different ending
  • Getting Deeper with one picture
  • Mix the characters and settings of 2 picture books
  • Compare story books
  • Picture Puzzle
  • Modify the story from different point of view


  • Reading Aloud with Expression
  • Interview a Character
  • Telling Stories with Pictures


  • Writing A Letter to The main Characters
  • Write a comic


  • Unjumbled The Sentences
  • Circling The Parts of Speech


  • I spy
  • Hang Man
  • Find The Rhyming Words
  • Word Search
  • Crossword Puzzle
  • Write word lists from the books


  • Make a diorama
  • Design a game board
  • Make a poster
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