Mapping activity is not the only way Exploring the World, The Continents, and The Countries. There are some other exciting activities to engage geography. Geography has been a great subject for us to explore the world, the continents, and the countries on the planet Earth where we live. This year we use North Star Geography with the Wonder Map to help us doing the exploration. They are a great combination with a lot of hands on, mapping, and research activities. Using those resources, I would like to share some activities you might find in the program and those that I got from mind mapping.

Before that, I would like to share some wonderful books to help you exploring the world, the continents, and the countries. You might need to check them out

The Kingfisher Geography Encyclopedia (Kingfisher Encyclopedias)The Kingfisher Geography Encyclopedia (Kingfisher Encyclopedias)The Usborne Geography Encyclopedia with Complete World AtlasThe Usborne Geography Encyclopedia with Complete World AtlasGeography: A Visual EncyclopediaGeography: A Visual EncyclopediaGeography of the WorldGeography of the WorldGeography Coloring Book (3rd Edition)Geography Coloring Book (3rd Edition)Around the World Coloring Book (Dover History Coloring Book)Around the World Coloring Book (Dover History Coloring Book)Maps Activity BookMaps Activity Book

30 Ideas to Explore The World, The Continents and The Countries

Exploring the World

Exploring the world is one way to know the world in a big picture. Here are some main activities that you might adapt:

  1. Recognizing the imaginary lines will be more engaging if we do it through drawing. Drawing the lines on the outline world map with colorful pens will be very helpful for the visual learners. Rather than memorizing with list of words, The appearance of colorful ink on a piece of outline map will make the concept clearer.

    Here is one activity we did to learn about the imaginary lines. The lines in the work should be colorful. This is an honest work of my son. It is not tidy, but it can make him amazed.
    Here is one activity we did to learn about the imaginary lines. The lines in the work should be colorful. This is an honest work of my son. It is not tidy, but it can make him amazed.
  2. Browsing the facts of the world will make learners appreciate the creation of God. The activities involved can be through watching the video, looking up some information about the wonders of the world, and skimming around the most of things of world physical features.
  3. The Whole world mapping activities can get learners familiar with the physical features of the world. Some basic knowledge of continents, oceans, and time zones recognition of the world can be achieved in the whole world mapping activities. More detail study of land forms, weather, climate, and seasons might be integrated with the earth science.

WonderMaps by Bright Ideas Press

Exploring the Continents

  1. Getting more detail in exploring the world is done by focusing on continent by continent. Drawing a thematic map of each continent will let learners observe the distribution of things, comparing the condition of countries, getting knowledge of neighbourhood in continents.
  2. Without drawing, comparing and contrasting can be done by browsing any source of information. It is the time for the research activities. An outcome of worksheet might be considered old fashioned and boring, but during skimming none knows what learners think in their mind. They might find some amazing facts through some wow moments.

    Continent Fact File
    Here is an example of Continent fact File we do in exploring the continents. Taken from North Star Geography by Bright Ideas Press
  3. For middle school learners, memorizing countries and capital cities can be made some interesting activities. It is also great to compare countries in continents since they might have similarities and differences in features and even the general physical appearance of people live in.

The Continent Fact File form is a part of our Geography Notebooking Pages and Graphic Organizer. Check it out!

Geography Notebooking Pages

Exploring the Countries

There are a lot of activities to engage learners in exploring countries. Here are some of them:

  1. Cooking some traditional food of the countries
  2. Eating foods from the countries
  3. Singing some folk songs
  4. Researching the landmarks of the countries
  5. Learning some common vocabulary, like how to say hello, numbers, colours, etc.
  6. Getting to know some myths and legends.
  7. Researching some famous people
  8. Discussing about the political and current events of the countries.
  9. Wearing and describing traditional clothes in the countries.
  10. Drawing the flags of the countries
  11. Researching the animals and plants in the countries.
  12. Describing or drawing the farming system
  13. Practicing traditional dance
  14. Having pen pals from the countries
  15. Watching some dramas or movies related with the countries
  16. Creating a tourism brochure
  17. Making a puzzle of the country's map based on the provinces or states
  18. Having some field trip to any related countries' object.
  19. Learning about holidays and festivals.
  20. All mapping activities. For example:
    • Tracing the map
    • Locating places on the map
    • drawing a thematic map
    • scaling the map
    • etc

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  1. This is a wonderful list of 30 ideas to explore the world. My favorites were drawing the imaginary lines. That would be a useful activity with my 12yo, comparing different countries on the continents, and cooking traditional food!

    Thanks for sharing this list on the Geography Blog Hop!


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