Fall Readings at Family Fun Friday

The fall season is coming. Fall readings are not less fun than summer readings. Here is some reading list and tips for fall readings at Family Fun Friday.

Reading is the most important skill for people to learn in any different fields of life, either for the academic and non-academic. Other skills are relatively important as well, but reading is the gate of knowledge.

  1. Reading can broaden our perspective and knowledge
  2. Reading can entertain us
  3. We can learn writing by reading. If you want to learn how to write, then reading is the best way to start.
  4. Reading can calm our mind and soul.
  5. ​A lot of reading will train us to imagine the words lively.
  6. Reading is one way to increase the vocabulary.
  7. We can get more inspiration through reading.

Here are some reading posts I write in this blog:

Do children read story books? How do you manage it? Here are some ideas to manage your literature time and book report. Let's build reading habits.
14 Tips for reading fiction to and with children
7 Equipments for Independent Reading

Today, I am very happy to share with you some wonderful tips and ideas about Fall Readings from some blog posts in Family Fun Friday link up party I love.

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Fall Readings at Family Fun Friday

From last week, I would like to feature these posts:

Fall Readings at Family Fun Friday


  1. Celebrating Roald Dahl Day  at Jump into a Book.
    I love all books by Roald Dahl. I am not an English native speaker, so I just know Roald Dahl when I was 20s. It was too late, I think as children in the elementary ages should have known his stories. Even they are fans of Roald Dahl as well. Therefore, I introduce the books to my children when they are in the elementary ages. Thank you for such great post. I will check out the apps as well.
  2. Story Time: Our Apple Tree at Lit Mama Homeschool.
    It is amazing to integrate reading with other activities with children. Apel is a wonderful topic during the fall.
  3. 4 Great Reasons Not to Worry About Late Readers at There is no Place Like Home.
    I think it is not only about reading only, but there are several other academic fields that are late for children to master. However, it is wiser when parents still encourage children to read since they are very young.
  4. Children’s Board Books about Apples and Pumpkins The Jenny Evolution.
    It is great to read books about pumpkins and apples during the fall season. We read some of the books in the list.
  5. A Book Series You Don’t Want to Miss at Pink Heels Pink Truck
    This is a series that I need to check out. The stories are interesting. It is not only my children that have to read. I have to read while they are reading as well.

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