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What You Need To Know About Our Student Planner

I am extremely happy today to be able to finish and launch our student planner printable on our blog. There was fabulous welcome to our several versions of student planners that were made by myself. I don’t pay people to get the planners done. I would like to emphasize that I created all by myself. There were some questions I got from my readers about our student planner that you might want to know as well. Here are some common FAQ about Our Student Planner

There were some questions I got from my readers about our student planner that you might want to know as well. Here are some common FAQ about Our Student Planner

FAQ about Our Student Planner

What are inside the planners?

On the first year, I found that my kids love it a lot so that I continue with a similar format. However, I make a very different set of design in this version. As I thought about the users of the student planners, I decide to choose neutral designs to decorate the student planner. I change the color palette from year to year so you will get more refreshed version.

Student Planner 2019 – 2020 includes:

  • Calendar for 2019 – 2020
  • All about me page
  • Birthday list for 12 months in a year
  • a Timetable
  • Score lists of the student with the average for several subjects
  • Student’s reading list with the title, authors, reading dates, and rates of the books
  • A year at a glance for 2018 and 2019 to get the big picture of the years in moths
  • July 2019 – 2020 Monthly student planner with dates
  • July 2019 – 2020 Weekly student planner with dates.

Each week will have:

  1. Some space to write goals of the week
  2. A to-do list
  3. Notes of the week

Each day will have:

  1. A set of list where students need to write the lessons planned to cover in the days. When they are finished, the student can put a tick mark on the list
  2. A short list of extra activities student plan to cover at the days
  3. A couple of book list for the student to trace the reading
  4. A set of daily must-do list or notes

Why do you use July to December cycle?

Normally I use January to December cycle. Only in 2018, I launch the July 2018 – 2019 due to my family condition that didn’t allow me to finish everything on time. For this year edition, I decided to still use one and a half period cycle, from July 2019 to 2020.

Using this cycle, you will have a choice to either use the half year to half year cycle or the full January to December cycle.

Why don’t you have any holiday sign?

As you know, we live in Indonesia and I have a lot of international readers from across the world. Therefore, I decided to skip the holiday part. You might give a highlight to your holidays manually.

Why did you give it away for free, but you sell it now?

It was a blessing that I could give the student planner for free in the previous years. Due to the harder work, efforts, and family economic condition, I decided to sell this planner with an affordable price for everyone. Please think about the benefits you can get out of the products and also the efforts/investment I give to create it. I appreciate your understanding a lot.

Why do you make a student planner?

As I said previously, I try hard to help my children to be a better manager of their life than me. I really wish to have this kind of planner sold around us, but there has been any of this kind. Therefore, I try my best to customize what we need.

Who can use the planner?

I make this Student Planner 2019-2020 for my children who are 12, 16, and 17 years old. I think that most learners that can write on the basic lines can use this planner for the purpose of learning to manage their time. I believe that the ability to manage the time is one key to be successful.

How do you make the planner?

Well, as I dedicate this planner for my children, I try to figure out how I can help them to be able to manage the learning time. The color and pictures used in this planner are discussed with my husband, my children, and my sister. I try to practice my Indesign skills.

Since my children are now all teenagers, I change the style to be minimalist. It will really save ink. Even, you can only use the black ink only to print it out.

Can users customize the planner?

The Student Planner I create is only for yourselves and your core family to use personally. For extended family and others, please direct them to the product page. Please help me with this one for a good ethic.
I would be very happy if you ask me to customize the planner based on this basic form for yourselves or for your blog using your desire images and color sets. You just only need to pay me some very affordable price for pictures and some coffee. Please send me a private message.

Are you going to make another one next year?

As long as I can afford it, I would like to make the basic student planner as our yearly agenda.

Why do you give dates in student planner edition?

Giving dates in each edition is to help both children and parents to control the consistency. In addition, my children are a bit lazy to give dates manually. Rather than spending time arguing with them, I give dates to the student planner.

If you find any mistake in the Student Planner, please don’t be hesitated to let me know. I hope that you like this planner.

Click the image below to check out our Student Planner 2019 – 2020

There were some questions I got from my readers about our student planner that you might want to know as well. Here are some common FAQ about Our Student Planner

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