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Summer is very hot, but it is one of the time in a year to get relax. A set of summer holiday planner will help us to get the holiday more exciting.

Summer is very hot, but it is one of the time in a year to get relax. A set of summer holiday planner will help us to get the holiday more exciting. Today we would like to share some summer holiday activities timetable and summer holiday planner FOR FREE OF CHARGE for anyone.

Prepare Your Summer Holiday - FREE PLANNER

Features of Summer Holiday Planner

Our holiday planner is equipped with some forms:

  • Summer Holiday Activity table
  • Itinerary list
  • Participants list
  • Reservation table
  • Packing List 1 and 2
  • Meal order list
  • Contact list
  • Budget
  • Shopping List
  • To Do list

02. Summer Holiday ActivitiesThis table is for those who don’t have vacation during the summer like us. Having kids going around the house without any purpose will give them temptation to make trouble around. Therefore, a proper planning for activities that they can do independently by themselves or with siblings and neighbors will give them more alternatives to do something without too much pressure. Besides, we need to think also about their meals as some kids have more tendency to get hungry easily during the holidays.

03. Itinerary
Itinerary is provided as a schedule of activities when you have a vacation. It has some columns for each activity to fill in: the date and time of the activity, the contact person, the cost, and some notes.

07. Participants
Here is the list of participants for those who arrange a vacation in a group. I use this form to book plane tickets, to check if everyone is present, etc. It is also used to group the rooms and to note any allergy. It is great to use this form for big family or group vacation.

04. Reservation
Here is a reservation form for taking a note the accommodation and transportation during the vacation.

05. Packing List 1
Packing list 1 is about clothes, toiletries, and medicine/supplements lists. It is made for individual, but can be used for family as well. It is good to fill in the list together with kids.

06. Packing List 2

Packing list 2 is used to record any gadget, toys, and other things need to bring during the vacation.

08. Meals

I have some experience when we go together as a family or a tour group in a restaurant. It always take a very long time to order food, including fast food. I would like suggest you to get the menu before you go for it so that you can plant first, which one to order, the quantity, and also the cost. It will also help those who has allergy toward certain food. Therefore, the amount of time spent in the restaurant will be shorter.

09. Contacts


Here is the contact list of any party related to the vacation, including the travel and the emergencies, like the hospital, flight, etc.

10. Budget

Managing your holiday budget is also one step you need to do to get more things using the available amount of money you have.
11. Shopping List

To prepare the vacation, there should be a shopping time. Here is the list form you can follow so that you can stick to the budget and necessity.

12. To Do List

The last page is to do list form to make sure that you don’t leave out any step to prepare, to do, and to finish your vacation.

It is also great to get kids make a vacation report or recall writing after the event and a journal during the event. Anyway, it depends on how they get interested in writing and in the events itself.

I hope that the planner can be useful for anyone to spend the summer holiday either on a vacation or a staying at home.

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4 thoughts on “Get FREE Summer Holiday Planner

  1. Lisa Nelson says:

    Excellent, excellent planners! We do school during the summer. Yep, I make them learn. If they have camp, they go to that, and then we do school. i don’t see a reason why they should have a break. We are pretty relaxed homeschoolers, so they don’t really need a break. 🙂

    Thanks so much for linking up with us on the #homeschoollinkup! I am pinning these great planners! Thanks so much for preparing and sharing.

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