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Features in Our Student Planner 2014

My Project 2-002Here is our first freebie for subscription, opened for public download since March 24, 2014.

It is my first experience using Adobe Indesign honestly. At first I didn’t have any purpose to share as I am still not well experienced yet. However, when can I start if I have never tried the first one? I feel that the planner should be helpful for my readers. I would like to have some suggestions and feedback regarding the product and the updates of new content. Feel free to send me private message.

The Student Planner 2014 was inspired by my youngest son’s school journal he used in his public school. It is aimed mainly for learners start from the primary grade or learners who start writing.

  • It doesn’t have any cute pictures inside to keep it neutral and printable using black and white faster and economical ink.
  • It doesn’t have certain holidays written as it is aimed for people around the world whose various personal and national holidays
  • It has dates and days just to control and to keep us consistent about the value of time

What are inside?

  • 2014 calendar
    See the big picture of 2014 through the 2014 simple calendar so we know when and where we are, what event we have in the whole 2014 year. Many learners don’t really understand the daily time value that makes month and later year. Even some parents like me are usually not aware that the time is flying so fast. By watching the calendar and maybe giving sign of the passed days will help us to be alerted to the time.  
  • Birthday list
    This is a page for young kids doing their research to learn about people in their family and around. By asking and remembering people surrounding them about the birthday date, kids will learn to give attention to others. They might congratulate or giving special gifts for their families, friends, and close people around them. Of course, gifts don’t have to be expensive or asking parents to make, but can be as simple as drawing to give attention.
  • Reading logs
    Reading logs are used to record and trace how many books kids have read. By recording the number of the books the have read, kids are hoped to be more motivated in reading. It will also help parents to control kids’ reading.
  • Score list
    For those who don’t do test for kids, just ignore this page. However, test is sometimes needed by some educators to measure the learners’ progress to meet certain standard. Recording the scores will give information about the growth of “traditional academic scores”
  • Time Table
    It is aimed to put up the regular subjects or activities done in one day. if you don’t use certain time to do the subjects, it might be used to guide kids routines. Older kids can arrange their own table by themselves based on the requirement guide they set or parents do.
  • Monthly at a glance agenda
    The big picture of one month activities are written here by either parents or children. It is great to see them counting the day to their expectation moments. There are also some goals and notes boxes to introduce kids to set and achieve their spiritual, personal, academic, and physical goals.
  • Daily assignment and to do list
    Each week has a couple of side by side pages with a note box at the top of the right page to write any quote if they have. Each day, except the weekend, has 2 columns in a table for assignment and to do list. You might not give any assignment and change it into list of daily activities for kids to do on the left. The right column, to do column, is used for any out of academic scope. Each of the row has small squares used to tick any activity or point the have finished. At the end of those 2 columns of each day, there is a box of note for kids or parents to give short comment for each day. You might use it also to write the verse read at that day.
  • Contact list
    Kids would be very proud to ask and write down any of their relative’s, friends’, and acquaintance contacts when they use this list.
  • Notes
    Write any important things here and you may add more paper whenever needed.

This student planner is not only intended for academic purpose, but also for any interest and extra activities. I use this planner to break down his piano lesson practice assignment given weekly by his piano tutor.

I use it mainly to introduce them to the world of planning. This is really different from the school journal that is usually use for announcement and communication to parents from teachers or vice versa. I make this planner for kids getting more independent in organizing their work and time so that they can give more value to the use of time in doing their work. So basically it is kids’ personal belonging that give them more sense or responsibility. However, parents’ help is still needed a lot for them to get used to it.

Binding and printing suggestion:

  • Print cover and back cover (last page of this document) on cardstock for durability.
  • Print your preferred planner format on copy paper.
  • Print odd pages, then flip paper over and print even pages on the back side of the odd pages.
  • Have entire document spiral bound at a local printer, or store in a 3-ring binder.
  • I use Black and White print for the daily/weekly pages to save more ink

We don’t send Student Planner 2014 anymore, but you still can get the latest version of student planner, Student Planner 2017 by clicking this image:

FREEBIES - Student Planner 2017. Help your children to plan and to organize their days with the student planner.

9 thoughts on “Features in Our Student Planner 2014

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  2. Amy says:

    I love this planner. It is so beautiful and well organized. I am used to seeing a student planner go from August to June. Is there a reason you went with the January to December? Great job!

    • admin says:

      As we started using the planner early of this year, so I just made it from January to December. I will continue with both next year January-June 2015 and July 2014-June 2015. Thank you for stopping by. You are so encouraging.

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