When Homeschool Needs Flexible School Schedule

There are a lot of time when excuses come to homeschool. They demand great flexible school schedule to make sure homeschool meet the goals and deal with the break time. It makes many homeschool moms stress out and give up to scheduling homeschool. You will feel that your homeschool planner disgusting. Too many things to reschedule and adjust. Then, you will be desperate to continue what you have planned. Have you experienced that situation? Yes, we have.

There are a lot of time when excuses come to homeschool. They demand great flexible school schedule to make sure homeschool meet the goals.

Some Situations to Break Homeschool Schedule

Nobody can guarantee that your schedule can run smoothly. There are usually some things come up in the middle of the agenda.

  • Feel out of control?
  • Things getting a bit messy?
  • Andy struggles with math?
  • State requires reporting?
  • Caught the flu?
  • Trip to Disney?
  • Still need (love) paper?

That is just a few to mention. When you have that schedule interruption, you will need another time to reschedule everything again. There we will need a flexible school schedule. A planner is not to kill us, but it should help us with our problems.

Flexible School Schedule App

Most homeschool schedulers or planners, either electronic or traditional, have dates and even hours to help users organize activities as targets or goals at the right time. Well, all electronic homeschool planners I have ever used have dates and some even include time to finish. They have been doing well for me, but In certain occasions when there are too many interruptions in our homeschool, I will usually ignore the dates. They will just make me nervous and not confident.

Today I would like to share a planner application which has main simple features dedicated for and made by a homeschooler family, Phillip and Lanaya Gore. They create Flexible School Schedule App for any homeschool families around the world that want to be organized without being nervous with the time. The launch of the product will be March 2018 and we are really curious about it. I am compensated for my time in sharing. However, all opinions are honest, and you were not required to post a positive review.

How Flexible School Schedule App Works

Features of Flexible School Schedule

To effectively educate your children, you need a workable schedule that works with you. Flexible School Schedule can help.

  • Planning doesn't come instantly, but we can make notes and rough plans on the scratchpad for the future.
  • Each child is different, so we need planners that meet the individual needs and pace of each child.
  • There isn't any date, but there are timeframes for children to meet in the School Years, Terms and Weeks.
  • We can plan timeframes easily for each subject and attach resources.
  • We can maintain a list of resources (Books, Links, Videos) and attach them to subjects or lessons.
Takes note with Flexible School Schedule AppPlan Subjects with Flexible School ScheuduleResource List in Flexible School Schedule
Take notesPlan subjectsTrack resources

To make your plan a reality, you need to track the progress. Flexible School Schedule can work on it easily.

  • You can record what you accomplished in each lesson.
  • Rather than talking about target, it is more useful about the record on how much time you spent on each lesson.
  • There isn't any calendar and dates. You can stop whenever you want to or need. Then, you can start resume where you left off.
  • You can track each child’s accomplishment.
  • If you still love paper, you can get some customized reports.
Subject Progress Flexible School ScheduleRecord Lessons Flexible School SchedulePrint Report Flexible School Schedule
Track each childRecord lessonsCreate reports
Multi Device Splash Flexible School Schedule

Flexible School Schedule will work with your life, not against it. It’s about steady progress, not arbitrary pressure.

  • There isn't any dates or calendar. You will have no stress to achieve your goals.
  • Same as your children, it is not wrong to move at your own pace.
  • It is very simple that you can pause or stop when you need and resume or start where you left off.
  • You will have less or no stress at all because you will never be “scolded” that things are overdue.
  • You can enjoy the learning with less worrisome. Educate at your family’s pace until you are done.
  • Flexible School Schedule use with any internet connected device.

How to Get Flexible School Schedule App

Flexible School Schedule App looks suitable for our homeschool. I really hope to purchase it right away. However, it has not been available for launch yet. More supports are needed to get the software finish and launch. It will launch in March 2017. Meanwhile, the developer needs support on funding this wonderful project that will be useful for any homeschooler.

You can back up this project by sending some fund at The Kickstarter Campaign. When you click the Back This Project, you will be able to choose kinds of funding you can send with the features of each funding.

Reasons to Give Funding

You want to use this product

This product is very unique and I am really sure that all homeschool families need the Flexible School Schedule. Using this program, you can have a more peaceful mind without leaving planning or scheduling. At the same time, you can follow the children's track in homeschool.

You can help other homeschool families

Without your help, the program cannot happen and it means that other homeschool families would not be able to use the beautiful features at all. Well, we need to cooperate, working together to help each other. The homeschool world will lose such great idea and innovation. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

Make a homeschool family launch dream comes true

Phillip and Lanaya have been homeschooling their four children for over a decade. For almost a year they have been dreaming and planning Flexible School Schedule. With your help they can make that dream a reality.

Questions About Funding Flexible School Schedule

What if the campaign fail?

There is not any charge to your card when the campaign fails. However, you won't be able to enjoy the great features the program has. That is too bad, I think.

Is the funding safe?

Yes. You will be charged only when the funding success. Then, You will get some benefits offered in the funding options. In other words, You will not pay anything before it is successful. Therefore, nothing loses.

Can I change the amount of money?

Yes, you can change before the funding campaign meets the deadline.


What are you waiting?

Just participate in the fund campaign.

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When Homeschool Needs Flexible School Schedule

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