Free Homeschool Planner 2018

I would like to give away our Free Homeschool Planner 2018. Visit these posts to read how to use the homeschooling planner.

Planning is an important step for our homeschooling, besides learning and evaluation. Each homeschooling family has its own method of planning. We have tried different ways of planning methods with similar system and finally, we decide to use online homeschooling planner. I will share our current experience to use homeschool tracker on other post. To know more about homeschooling planning, you might read some posts I wrote:

I would like to give away our Free Homeschool Planner 2018. Visit these posts to read how to use the homeschooling planner.

How to Use FREE Homeschool Planner 2018

We started our planning in the traditional way, using pen and paper before we use the electronic and online planner. I found that finding the right printable planner with friendly budget has not been easy yet. Therefore, I decided to giveaway homeschooling planner to my readers. Here are some posts about the homeschooling planner that I have been giving away. They are still very basic and need pen and paper traditionally. You also can use them perpetually, except for the calendar that I have not revised yet. Anyway, many people write to me that they are very useful. So, I decided to revise the format and add more things inside.

Finally, I finish the Free Homeschool Planner 2018 for all of readers. I have been giving it away for 5 years so far. I am glad that many people are happy with the previous versions. I hope you will enjoy the 2018 edition as well.

The content is similar to the previous edition with more economic ink need and monthly calendar. Visit these posts to read how to use the homeschooling planner

In that posts, you still can download the old version of Homeschooling Planner.

I have created all of the materials by myself. I don't ask you to pay anything. Therefore, please follow this terms of use and I will feel thankful.

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Terms of Use

This printable is only for your personal use. Please be honest when using and sharing these files and follow the terms of use. By downloading this file, you agree to the terms of use.

What you may DO:

  • Download the files to your computer and print them for your personal use.
  • Give proper credit to Blessed Learners when blogging about the printable.
  • Link directly to my blog when sharing about the printable.

Please DO NOT:

  • Link directly to the PDF file; link to this blog post instead.
  • Change the files in any way.
  • Sell or distribute the file in any way.
  • Host this file on your own website or upload it to a shared website. The files are the property of Blessed Learners {Adelien Tandian}.

How to Download the Free Homeschool Planner 2018

  1. Fill in the opt-in form below and you will get the download links sent in the email inbox.
  2. If you don't get the email in your inbox, you can check the spam.
  3. You can copy and paste the download url(s) in the browser if the link doesn't work.
  4. Please be patient and try to use the computer to download considering it has bigger memory.
  5. If the download page doesn't appear, you can send me email at


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  1. Lucia Rina Tri Kurniawati says:

    I am a housewife, and I like the things you have made. So I always thank to you, cause you always give me ideas to learn with my son. Thank you.

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Free Homeschool Planner 2018

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