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100 FREE Board Games for Learning

We cannot avoid the boring time a lot of time. I always try to search for free learning board games for children so they will have more educational materials to have fun learning.

There are sometimes when we meet some boring days in our homeschooling that we cannot avoid. The kids sometimes show some reluctance and I become restless. I know it is the time to go out. However, we cannot avoid the boring time a lot of time. Then, it is the time for games. For this purpose, I always try to search for free learning board games for children so they will have more educational materials to have fun learning.

There are some sorts of games we can use for learning. Board games dominate the most. Most board games need dice and things like pawn. However, sometimes, we think that as long as it is on a board, that is a board game. Whatever it is, it is something to have fun with and something we can learn with.

Here are 100 Free  Game Boards for learning that I try to collect around. I got them in my pinterest browsing. You just need to print the board and get some dice and pawn to play with. Don’t forget to prepare the storage when you finish so you can use them again next time. Please enjoy.

We cannot avoid the boring time a lot of time. I always try to search for free learning board games for children so they will have more educational materials to have fun learning.

100 FREE Learning Board Games

  1. Senses Free Printable Board Game
  2. Everything Matters Game
  3. 97 Prime Numbers Board Game
  4. Girl Scout Law Game
  5. Cover Up, Addition Games
  6. Decorate the Christmas Tree Free Cooperative Game Printable
  7. Stave Racers Board Game
  8. What Gets a Capital Letter? (Board Game)
  9. Multi-Match Game Cards: Understanding Powers of Ten
  10. Take or Make Your Monopoly Like Board Game – Blank Templates & Petopoly
  11. Free Printable Play Money Kids Will Love | Fake Monopoly Bills & Coins
  12. Teach the Plan of Salvation while playing with your Kids!
  13. Disney Movie Quotes game with Free Printables!
  14. Catch the Monkeys Multiplication Game
  15. Reading Street Game Boards
  16. Oregon Trail Game
  17. 13 Free Printable History Board Games
  18. Even and Odd Halloween Freebie
  19. Place Value Games for 3 Digit Numbers Freebie
  20. Fractions at the Beach — Freebie
  21. Book of the Week: “The Gingerbread Pirates.”
  22. Ancient Greek Temple Building Game (printable)
  23. Westward Bound! {A Lewis & Clark Board Game}
  24. Medieval Kingdom Card Game
  25. Presidential 4-in-a-Row Board Game
  26. Printable Underground Railroad Quilt Code Game
  27. Louisiana Purchase Geography Game
  28. Missing Punctuation Board Game [printable]
  29. Choices & Consequences
  30. Lollipop Trail Board Game
  31. Road Trip BINGO
  32. Factor and Multiple Game on the 100 Chart
  33. Board Game Templates and Board Game Maker
  34. R- Controlled Sound with Rainforest Treasure Game
  35. Vocabulary: Christmas Bingo Game
  36. Snakes and Ladders Board Game PowerPoint Template
  37. Lego Game Board
  38. United States BINGO Game
  39. Word Dominoes [Practicing Parts of Speech]
  40. Make it Plural
  41. Chimney and Reindeer: Holiday Game
  42. Race Around the Nouns, Verbs, & Adjectives [Game]
  43. Spell it! — a printable spelling game for any word list (K-3)
  44. Subtraction Bingo
  45. Lego Game – Game Board
  46. Christmas Math Game Board
  47. Halloween Bingo Free Download
  48. BINGO for Fall
  49. FREE Disney Board Games and Trivia Questions
  50. Literature Game Boards
  51. Wh- Question Back To School Game Board
  52. Thanksgiving Wh- Question Board Games Freebies
  53. Teach kids to read color words with this FREE Rainbow Sight Word Game!
  54. I Spy Board
  55. Roll Your Way to Grammar Fun: A Board Game
  56. Halloween Themed 4-In-A-Row Game Boards for MATH!
  57. Halloween Board Games
  58. Back to School Board Games
  59. ESL Game Board
  60. Gaming the System
  61. Homeworkopoly
  62. 10 Ways to Make Your Own Board Game
  63. Review letter sounds with Beginning Sound Blackout (8 free boards!)
  64. Burst the Balloons Division Game
  65. Free Printable Sight Word Game
  66. Free Blend BINGO Word Game
  67. Free Multiplication Board Game
  68. 13 Free Printable History Board Games
  69. Shopping Board Game
  70. Music and Teaching Materials with Some Board Games by Susan Paradis
  71. FREE Board Game for Toddlers and PreK: Feed The Monkey
  72. Free Printable Board Games
  73. Multiplication Race
  74. Social Skill Game for Autistic spectrum
  75. The Snitches
  76.  Fire safety-themed counting on game
  77. Dinosaur Subtraction Board Game
  78. Pizza – Pizza Boards Games Printable
  79. Poof – Math Board Games
  80. Spell For Your Life- Printable Spelling Game Board
  81. Speech Slides & Language Ladders Bulletin Board
  82. Phonic Boards Games
  83. BINGO for Numbers 1-25
  84. Game Anyone
  85. Editable File Folder Game
  86. Say and Spell CVC Words Bord Game
  87. LEGO Game Board Printable for Memory Review Work
  88. Practicing Place Value
  89. Hot Chocolate Board Games
  90. Freebie – 5 Initial digraph board games
  91. Space case, Counting Coin
  92. Roll and Read
  93. Board Games Concept
  94. Free Fry’s First 100 Games
  95. Free Name That Shape board game
  96. FREE Game Boards to Use with Task Cards or Flashcards!
  97. 16 Free Printable Board Game Templates
  98. Egg Hunt – FREE Printable Blog Game
  99. Taxi Game
  100. The Catholic Game – Deluxe Boardgame Edition

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