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FREE Printable: Summer Activity Planner for Children

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From my personal experience, I realize that planning for the summer is very important. I created a Summer Activity Planner for Children. Summer will sound boring and not productive when kids spend their time in uncertainty. That was what happened in my childhood. One and a half month of my summer holidays at home year by year felt nothing. There were not learning experience that I wished I could have got. Watching the television, playing the video games, sometimes going on a vacation, and having playdates with some children in my neighborhood were all things I did.

Summer will sound boring and not productive when kids spend their time in uncertainty. It will pass away without any result. For this purpose, I created a Summer Activity Planner for Children.

Summer doesn’t always end up with vacation or traveling because not everyone has good situation and condition to take a break from the work. However, either you are on a vacation or just staying at home, you need to plan for everything so you will get the most out of it. If you are doing vacation or traveling, you might want to check out my Summer Holiday Planner you can download for free. However, if you have more time at home or less time to mobile, you will need this Summer Activity Planner for Children.

Summer Activity Planner for Children

Why Children Need It

Planning… Planning… and planning… You might think that kids will be sick out of planning. Therefore, you need to make it fun. Don’t give such serious atmosphere that can make them even more stressful. Well, you need to tell them the benefits of planning for the summer. Here is a couple that we can see clearly:

  1. They will not get bored easily because they can customize and spread their activities better. They still can play, but they will have a limit that makes them do it later.
  2. Children will have more time to think and to do what they really want to accomplish or thought previously.

What Summer Activity Planner for Children Includes

  1. Summer bucket list for children to list what they want to do during the summer season or the holiday.
  2. Chore Chart will be useful to list the daily chores they need to do. Children can use it in the other seasons as well, but summer is usually the time to clean up harder than the other seasons.
  3. Daily Summer Activity list.
    This list is about more detail activities to do daily, daily chore list, the reflection of the day, and things they want to do that day based on the bucket, weekly, and monthly lists.
  4. Weekly Summer Activity list
    Summer will usually make everyone feel lazy because of the loose schedule and the hot temperature. Children can plan their daily activities. so they can make sure of being busy and get something out of the summertime.
  5. Monthly Summer Activity list
    This is about the big picture of summer activity they want to do that they can take out from the summer bucket list.

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How to Download the Free Summer Activity Planner

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