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{Freebies} Student Planner 2015 to Give More Responsibility

{Freebies} Student Planner 2015 to Give More Responsibility

Getting children motivated to discipline themselves is very difficult for me. Not everyone has the same maturity to that extend. As a parent, I still need to interfere a lot in giving them a lead to get independent and conscious. Teaching them to manage their own time is one thing that I can do for them. It has not been a great success yet, but it has some positive impact to a couple of them.

This is the second year my sons use their student planners that I make for them by myself. I just wondered whether the boys are willing to use the planner. I just speculated when I made one last year. My youngest and my oldest sons are really enthusiastic and diligent in using the planner so far.

  1. Writing a student planner is a habit for children to know what to do in a day, a month, and a year, so that they can plan about how to do that.
  2. Checking up student planners will make sure that they won’t be left out in any assignment or any errands they need to do.
  3. Student planner give the children things to reflect and evaluate, so that they can get better later.
  4. Parents can check what children have done easily. It is very useful when you have a large homeschooling family since it will lead children to manage themselves independently.
  5. Children will have a habit for recording things featured in the student planner. They can record other family members’ birthday, their score or achievement, friends’ address, etc.
  6. Some student planners have reading logs or any other logs that help children encouraging themselves to get motivated in building up their achievement.
  7. Student planner will get children think more strategically about which points they need to finish first and which points they can postpone for a later work.

It is great if you and your children can get the great benefits of having student planner. However, there are a lot of time that we need to remind them filling in their student planner and even they start forgetting about the student planner. It happens also to us. Here are some things that you might do:

  1. Remember that they are still young (younger than us). Give them more time to adapt. If they cannot filling in every day, just try to do it one day in a week. Next, they can do it more frequently.
  2. You might give them example by planning your work in front of them. Don’t expect them to be better than yourself in this case.
  3. Write for them to exemplify. Children will see your patience and get them to start feeling the benefits of writing on the student planner regularly.
  4. Make sure that the student planner can be accessed easily
  5. You might lead them write each time you finish the lesson. When things are finished, you don’t need to write as an assignment, but you just can get them give short comment about what they learn in short and how they like it.
  6. Give them special pen or any colorful marker to get them more enthusiastic to write on the student planner regularly.
  7. If you apply rewarding in your family, giving them a stamp will be another alternative to get them write until they are used to.

Today I just want to remind you that I give away our Student Planner 2015 for FREE of CHARGE for all of our readers. You might read some features and questions about the student planner.

The Student Planner 2015 is not available anymore, but you can get the 2018-2019 Student Planner with an affordable price. Click the image below to check it out.
Parents can help them writing their planner until they are ready to be independent. This Student Planner 2018 - 2019 with dates will help both parents and students to practice the time management skills.
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