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Fun Periodic Table Learning with Atomidoodles

Fun Periodic Table Learning with Atomidoodle

Fun Periodic Table Learning with AtomidoodleLearning the elements in periodic table can be done in many different ways. The last time we did coloring the elements and combined it to our notebooking page. You might visit the chemistry notebooking activity with the coloring pages to see our previous activity.

Today I would like to share another way to learn about the elements in the periodic table in a very fun way. I have been very lucky to be able to review Atomidoodle from Hero Factor Games. Atomidoodle is a chemistry education game with periodic table learning as the topic to make the learning process more fun. For those who don’t like either coloring and writing, this is going to be an alternative to start learning about the serious topic.


Here are the benefits of using Atomidoodle in periodic table learning with children:

The elements in the periodic table
The elements in the periodic table is unlocked one by one as the challenge is getting harder. Each time the element is unlocked, a new page of the element’s information will be given step by step in the Basic Fact tab at the top of the table. There are around 5 pages of facts for each element. Therefore, the information given is not going to be overwhelming.
  1. The elements are introduced one by one altogether with the atomic number, characteristics, and facts.
    There isn’t any stream of element introduction. Every single element is introduced one by one so that children will not be intimidated to memorize the elements. Even they don’t feel that they are learning about the elements’ facts and features. It is completely different when they have to read text books. One element or atom is unlocked one after another in some levels of progress and some basic facts about the characteristics, features, uses, and specific facts of each element are presented clearly for beginners.
  2. Difficult concept is introduced in a very simple way.
    I didn’t have any idea about fusion and fission before, for honest. Atomidoodle – Hero Factor Games has introduced the scientific terms simply. Even children with English as the foreign language can understand the terms easily. It is not only my middle school children that learn, but my lower elementary and my self have learnt a lot from this application
  3. Kids practice mathematics by dividing and adding the atomic numbers.
    The main idea of Atomidoodle is to lead atoms from Q(ueue) to the examinator. Players are required to provide the examinator with certain atoms with certain characteristics or atomic number. Meanwhile, the atoms shot from the queue are different and they need to be proceeded through some fussion (addition machine) and fission (division machine). Therefore, players need to think fast to fufilled the required number.
  4. Kids have to think logically to get the shortest and easiest way to build the new elements.
    It is not only the fusion (addition machine) and fission (division machine) that require players to think, but they also need to get the shortest and easiest way for atoms in Q(ueue) to go to the examinator machine. The game cannot wait too long since
  5. There are 3 player accounts so that each of my son has the same opportunity.
    Each child has individual account so that we can see their progress of knowledge individually. We will know which elements that have been introduced and to what extend or level they have achieved. I just need to do follow up questions to make sure they are not confused of what they learn. The children can share what they have got and later they can play guessing game to show off.
  6. The apps is really economical.
    Every country has its own price for purchasing Atomidoodle – Hero Factor Games iPad apps. It takes only Rp. 12,000 to purchase this apps in Indonesian iTunes and it only takes Rp. 25,000 to purchase in Google Play Store. It costs only about US$1 for iPad Apps and US$2 for Google Play Store. Isn’t it very great price for great product?
  7. We don’t need to have the internet connection to play.
    The great things about this application is the less requirement of internet access. Atomidoodle is not an online game so it doesn’t need any internet access except for downloading the apps. Children can bring it anywhere they like without the internet access.
  8. The apps is really easy to navigate.
    Even my 8 years old son can easily operate the application with my further instruction helping him. There is easy instruction before the games is started. I just need to help him with vocabulary and brief explanation of the elements.

How Atomidoodle Works

Here is the game's layout.
Here is the game’s layout. Every level or step has different layout. This is just one of them. At the right top of the layout is the Queue or the group of raw atoms that are ready to be shot to the arena from the shooting hole on the right side under the Queue. The players should lead the raw atoms to the examinator, which is in the middle of the layout based on the required number or characteristics. By adding the atoms in the fusion widget or dividing the atoms in the fission widgets. Next, players need to arrange the route of the atoms.

Here is the video of features of the game

For further personal recording of the elements in the periodic table learning, we can write them in the Elements Graphic Organizer that we usually use. Click the picture bellow to download:

Elements in the Periodic Table Notebooking Pages_000001

How To Get Atomidoodle

You might purchase Atomidoodle at

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

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I would like to thank Hero Factor Games for Atomidoodle app that provides kids an absorbing, engaging way to practice their math skills and learn about the periodic table. If you are really want to learn about elements in the periodic table, I really recommend you to use Atomidoodle.

Disclaimer: I was given free access to Atomidoodle for the purpose of review. I was also compensated for my time writing a blog post about our experiences with Atomidoodle. I am also an affiliate of iTunes Apple. However, the opinions expressed are my own honestly.

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